by Gianina Carbunari

 The play is about three young people who met accidentally in a disco-club: “Space”. Maria is a 27 years girl who has three jobs, no stable relationship, nor sexual life and who decides to go out with her gynecologist. Paula used to be a copywriter, but she resigned because she had enough of selling “mothers” in stupid commercials. She is lesbian and her lover just left her for a guy and went with him to UK. Rolando is a DJ, but not cool enough for the standards, so he must push his tempo a little bit more. After they meet in “Space”, they decide to leave together with Maria’s car for a sex-match. Even if the ridiculous side of this sex-match appears very clear in their mind when they start doing it, the three guys desperately try to feel something “real”.


The car-crash is the only real thing that happens. They don’t know why, but they need to see each other after this. So they go to the same club they met for the first time. The only bad thing that happened that night was that Rolando lost his hearing. He can still hear his breathing, but the rhythm of his breath is different from the rhythm of the others. Suddenly it seems to him that all these cool guys, all these connected people look very strange. The two girls share his attitude, trying to imagine how this “cool” world would disappear if someone would just stop the sound and the lights. That’s what Paula does: she is the first one who experiments this. She goes and turns off the electricity in the whole disco-club. Her action provokes general panic, but it also brings the darkness and the silence in this crazy “Space”.


From this moment, disconnecting will become the most important activity for the three. The targets are: clubs, supermarkets, theatres, McDonald restaurants, malls etc. They even make plans to disconnect the televisions and their dream is to disconnect Romania.


Gianina Carbunariu is one of the most remarkable figures of the young artists of the Romanian theatre. She was remarked by the theatre critics since her debut with the play “ Unrealities from the Immediate Wilde East” ( 1999 ). Now, she is now studying stage directing, 5th year, at the University of Theatrical and Cinematographical Arts in Bucharest. When she made her debut as a stage director, Gianina Carbunariu achieved three remarkable performances : “ Isbjorg” by Havar Sigurjonssson, “ Luck helps the brave” by F. X. Kreutz and “ Stop the Tempo”.