by Candace Chong Mui Ngam


In Mong Kok, there is a quiet “dog-walking” street in where dog-lovers walk their pets every evening. One day, Jimmy, an old man suffering from terminal cancer, comes to the street. He brings along with him a worn-out suitcase and an astronomical telescope, wondering if he can find a proper place to gaze Mars. He meets five dog-lovers there, and hopes to make friends with them. However, each of these people with whom he comes across is perplexed by his/her own problem. Having difficulty in communicating with others, Jimmy does not make himself a popular person among his new acquaintances.

What will be his way out – Continuing with his lonely journey or succeeding in convincing someone to join his adventure to Mars?


Chong Mui Ngam graduated from the Faculty of Social Science of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Psychology and the School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in playwriting. 

She joined Chung Ying Theatre Company as a member of Playwright Theatre Creative Team, where she wrote Alive in the Mortuary and Angel Aurora. She also wrote Love in the Red Chamber, Venezia Cafe of the Portland Street, Changing Cast, Shall We Go to Mars and translated The Village of Widows. Besides, she has been the assistant to director in including The Rivals, The Dark Tales and Ruan Lingyu and the script writer of TV documentary Hong Kong Today and Stories From Afar. 

Chong was awarded the first runner-up in Script-writing competition of 26th Hong Kong Youth Literature Award and was awarded the Outstanding Playwright from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In 2003, she received the Best Script Award at the 12th & 14th Hong Kong Drama Awards.

She has been awarded in 2004 the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship by Asian Cultural Council to spend 12 months in the United States.