Documentary Play, Seven, to be Performed in New York City

“The lives of these women provide a portal through which audiences will be able to experience a diversity of cultures while bearing witness to the varied ways in which individual women have overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles to justice and freedom. We hope the Seven stories will inspire audiences to commit themselves to changing our world for the better”

-Melanne Verveer, Chair of the Board of Directors, Vital Voices Global Partnership

In honor of International Women’s Day, Vital Voices Global Partnership and Diane von Furstenberg will host a performance of the documentary play, Seven, to a closed audience in New York City on Thursday, March 6th.

The play is a collaboration between Vital Voices and seven award-winning women playwrights, including: Paula Cizmar, Catherine Filloux, Gail Kriegel, Carol K. Mack, Ruth Margraff, Anna Deavere Smith, and Susan Yankowitz. It profiles seven women leaders from Vital Voices’ global leadership network to illustrate their challenges and highlight their successes.

Seven is a commanding reminder of the transformative power of women’s leadership. It is hoped that in the future, Seven will travel around the U.S. to educate the public on the importance of investing in women.

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