by Peca Stefan

 The story of a Romanian family – before, during and especially after the 1989 Revolution. The dream of a father – Ion – to build the perfect Romanian family. The saga of a country on its way to European integration. All the cultural stereotypes regarding Romania and more – mixed with current social issues in a musical cocktail revolving around a “snapshot scene” structure.

Ion meets Mio. He’s a jazz musician and works for the Political Police. She is a prostitute. They wed. Ion turns in his father in order to get a house. Ion wants a daughter. Mio gives birth to two sons – Theo and Vic. To the sound of a gunshot, communism falls. Ion becomes a senator. Mio becomes a nauseous TV star. Theo sells babies. Vic is gay and expelled from the family all the way to Iraq, in the army. Mio gives birth to Fifi, a daughter. Fifi becomes a pop star and porn actress. She gets killed doing a snuff picture for Frenchmen. Mio loses her mind and gets committed. Ion loses everything. Talking to God, he finds out he has to integrate Romania into the EU in order to overcome the pain. With the help of Vic, his outcast son, he finally does that… the Romanian way. Happy end with all Romanians flying off to Heaven.


Peca Stefan is one of the youngest Romanian playwrights. At only 23, Stefan has already won the dramAcum prize (the Romanian award for best new playwright) in 2002 and has been produced at the Bulandra Theatre in Bucharest (the second largest theatre in Romania). Stefan's education includes New York University and Stefan was one of the Royal Court International Playwriting Residents in 2005. Other Romanian productions of Stefan's plays include :Showdown, New York [Fuckin’ City] and The Sunshine Play (MONDAY Theatre @ Green Hours, Bucharest)  I H♥TE HELEN (ArCub Bucharest), 2 scenes in Ana Margineanu’s production of 89, 89… fierbinte dupa 89 (Small Theatre Bucharest), Romania 21 (Arad State Theatre, Arad – in production), Station (Comedy Theatre, Bucharest – in production), PunamiNils’ Fucked Up Day (Bulandra Theatre, Bucharest – in production). The Sunshine Play had its world premiere at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2005 and earned 5 star reviews in Ireland. The play is also performed at the National Theatre, Bucharest, starting December 2005 and will be performed in Stockholm, New York, London, Marseilles and Belgrade in 2006. Peca Stefan’s play U.F. was translated and published in French and had two public readings in Paris and Lyon (2004, 2005). Stefan's play Romania 21 was in a roundtable at the Lark Theatre, New York, in November 2005. Stefan is the founding member of the BLA Theatre Company and has started the Scrie o piesaprogram for high school playwriting. Stefan is currently the head writer of the one hour drama TV series California(Media PRO Studios, Romania).