Res Artis General Meeting 2012 – Tokyo, Japan

For our 13th General Meeting, we gathered in Japan, discovering Tokyo while meeting new people and seeing old friends. Thanks to a well-organized conference and the hospitality of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government we were able to hear from residency directors, project initiators and artists from all throughout Asia – Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam – a rare treat to have so many interesting people gathered in one location. We also had time to think more deeply about topics such as residencies for performing artists and designers, how residencies relate to museums, biennials and educational institutions and also how we evaluate and map residencies, creating better platforms for collaboration and exchange.

Complete documentation coming soon!
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Residencies in Turkey – self-sufficient spaces, innovative initiatives

For the last 6 years, the Res Artis Newsletter has been coming to you from Turkey. Starting in 2013, it will be sent from the Res Artis office in Amsterdam. In honor of the last newsletter from Istanbul, here is a special feature about residencies in Turkey, featuring the Turkish members of Res Artis.

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Following a long history of patron-run, friends and family, summer-time artists retreats, the first more formalized residencies began with agreements between Istanbul and various European cities. For example, the Istanbul-Berlin residency program began in 1988 and has hosted two Berlin artists in a central flat every year. The independent art space PIST has been hosting artists with a similar agreement from Denmark and the Netherlands. The first larger-scale residency program began in 2003 and ran until 2010 within Platform Garanti (since re-opened as SALT).

The following residency programs have found creative solutions to the almost complete lack of public funding in Turkey and have managed to remain independent from the influx of massive corporate support of arts and culture.

Read more about Caravansarai, the Halka Art Project, the Maumau Art Residency, Culture House Babayan, the Casa dell’Arte Residency Program, Gumusluk Academy, Gallery/Miz and Theatre Madrasa.

New Residency : D'CLINIC studios, Slovenia

  • Where is it?
    Located in the northeast of Slovenia in the Historic town of Lendava, celebrated for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, laid-back lifestyle giving an inspirational setting for intensive, profound exploration within contemporary art practices.
  • What is it?
    D'CLINIC studios is designed to deliver a supportive community where artists can focus on their own creative practice and/or research, share skills and knowledge, interact or collaborate in an multidisciplinary vibrant environment free from constraint, harshness or formality. The offered working space is flexible, and generally adopted to each artist's individual requirements and needs. Each proposed project is agreed individually. For the advancement of their careers and to strengthen their practice artists are offered different residency platforms : TRACTOR for individual research & MiXER for cross-disciplinary collaboration. 
  • Whats going on now?
    Currently we are on our way to Berlin where the Artist's books created within MiXER 2012 will be presented. 
  • D'CLINIC Studios on the Res Artis webpage

New Residency : LAC Laboratorio de Arte Chapultepec, Mexico

  • Where is it?
    ESARQ offers a new residency program located at the heart of the most vibrant and creative area of Guadalajara, Mexico. Surrounded by museums, cafes, theaters and cultural centres, ESARQ is an Arts and Architecture University with an experimental turn.
  • What is it?
    ESARQ´s residency mission is to promote all contemporary artistic practices through production residencies whereby exchange, discussion, experimentation and collaborative work are the core structure of the program.
  • Whats going on now?
    Our courses, workshops, and now our residency program, aim to connect different creative disciplines and merge them into an artistic production hub.
  • ESARQ on the Res Artis webpage

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