Res Artis General Meeting 2012 – Tokyo!

Join us for our 13th General Meeting, this year in Tokyo Japan from October 25 – 28th 2012.

New Horizons for Creative Platforms,
Constellation of Cultures
Asia, Middle East and the Global Network

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Res Artis 2012 TOKYO focuses on Asia itself, which today is becoming a vibrant and essential international hub. Residencies not only allow artists to create work, they also serve as a vital platforms for exchange, enabling art centers themselves to be at the center of international dialogue and collaborations among museums, biennales, universities, and municipalities throughout the world.

We hope to see you there!


The EU Platform ‘Access to Culture’ – Res Artis represents visa/mobility issues

The EU Platform ‘Access to Culture’ (ACP) is a civil society group set up by the European Commission to make recommendations to the EU on how to ensure and improve access to all aspects of the artistic value chain (from creation and production to diffusion) for all of the peoples in Europe, and also ensure the diversity of cultural expressions. Without free movement in and out of the EU, there is no access to a diversity of cultures, and no access for artists and cultural workers to a diversity of audiences.

Res Artis participates in the Arts, Rights, Justice Working Group (ARJ WG), which will work initially on 5 themes:

– Working prospects for exiled art workers
– Mobility/visas for incoming art workers
– Commissioning Research
– Policy Recommendations
– Improving Funding programs

Res Artis contributes to the visa/mobility subgroup. A public workshop on the ARJ research will be presented at the end of this year; a second workshop is planned for next year and will discuss the suggested policy recommendations.

Res Artis will work with its members to create case studies feeding this important work.
For questions, please email Lilly:

Our Regional Meeting in Vienna – May 2-5, 2012

Gates and Bridges: A residency always anticipates a friend.

The Res Artis Regional Meeting, hosted by KulturKontakt, took place in the atmospheric Kunsthalle Exnergasse and the Kulturhaus in Vienna. The program focused on the AiR field in Central and Eastern Europe, also expanding the discourse geographically East and South to Russia and Africa – connecting and comparing strategies. Over 70 experts from roughly twenty countries in Europe and beyond were present, representing residency initiatives ranging from Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe to Israel, all the way to the Western Sahara Liberated Territories.

A certain criticality was expressed about ‘mobility’ being used as an economical strategy by political bodies. There was also a compelling discourse about terms like home, indigenous vs. nomadic, and the power of residencies for social change. The various Q&A sessions, together with the well-attended ResSupport Workshop, and the final panel gave us valid pointers on how to continue and restructure our work in Eastern Europe, and beyond.

We are very thankful for everything we learned during these three days from our members and the general audience, and highly value their willingness to share their concerns and their visions with us.

Image Captions
– On Friday we came together in the premises of Kunstforum Strabag.
– Marijana Cvetkovic, Serbia, about the NOMAD dance network.
– Hana Stojic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, from the Writers-in-Residence Programs in Sarajevo, Split and Pristina.

– Georgy Nikich presented the Nikola-Lenivets Park Project outside of Moscow. 


Res Artis Interns

The Res Artis office welcomes three new interns, who will work with us for the next several months.

Katerina Kokesova (left) was born in 1991 in the Czech Republic. In 2007 she was awarded an HMC scholarship to study in the UK, where she completed her high school education. Katerina will finish her BS in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2013. She joined our office after returning from her Erasmus exchange year in Sciences Po, Dijon, France.

As an intern of Res Artis, Katerina focuses on mapping the AiR field in Central and Eastern Europe. She is involved in event and project evaluation tasks, as well as our member communication. Kate is very happy that through her work at Res Artis she is involved with promoting exchange of ideas and intercultural communication.

Artemis Palaska (middle) was born in Athens in 1987. She studied at the National University of Athens and acquired her Bachelor at Copenhagen University. She has worked in several organizations such as the Museum of Cycladic Art (Athens), Benaki Museum (Athens), Thessaloniki International Film Festival and at the Kinitiras choreography lab-artist residency (Athens). In September 2011 she started her MA in Arts & Heritage: Policy, Management & Education at Maastricht University.

Through Res Artis, Artemis found a context that supports her MA thesis research, which examines how artist residencies in countries with political or economic instability reinvent their cultural and financial strategies. Apart from several administrative tasks, she will also be mapping the AiR-field in Southern and Southeast Europe.


Ruth Dyson (right) was born in England, in 1986. She studied at Chetham's music school, Manchester. At the age of 17, she received the 2nd prize in the prestigious ‘Moeck/SRP Solo Recorder Competition’ as the youngest ever competitor. Subsequently she studied at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and performed as a soloist in a wide range of renaissance, baroque and contemporary ensembles. In 2010, she won the 1st prize with recorder quintet ‘Seldom Sene’ at the ‘Friends of Arnold Dolmetsch’, and in March 2011 they won the ‘prize for interpretation’ at the International Chamber Music Competition in Illzach.

As an intern, Ruth collaborates on the realization of the ResSupport Handbook.

Acme Studios Launches Publication, marking 25 years of international artist residencies in London

Acme Studios celebrated 25 years of hosting international artist residencies in London with the launch of a publication, which features a selection of some of the 360 artists who have benefited from major work/live residencies in the capital.

The launch is an opportunity for Acme to celebrate the achievements of the programme, which currently supports 24 artists annually to spend between three and 12 months working and living in culturally-vibrant East London.

The publication explores the history of Acme IRP including its purpose, need, and evolution and illustrates how the international residency programmes can offer life-changing experiences for artists, as well as promoting vital cultural exchange and significant inward investment. It will be available as a free download from early July.

Congratulations to Acme Studios for 25 years of international residencies in London!

New Residency: Cherrycake Studios, Malaysia

  • Where is it?  
    Cherrycake studios is a three-storey terrace in a residential street on the outskirts of George Town's bustling and intense, UNESCO World-Heritage-listed, old city centre.
  • What is it?
    Cherrycake Studios artist residency hosts two visiting artists at a time, providing them with modern private accommodation, an open-plan studio and shared living space for a period of one-to-three months, or longer. The aim of the residency is to allow artists – of any persuasion – the time and space to develop new work, experiment, research, think and play, with a vibrant, diverse and stimulating environment – on their doorstep. The opportunity to make personal and professional connections with other artists and non-artists, local and visiting, is also integral to the experience. The residency is self-funded, and self-catering – full details are at
  • Whats going on now?  
    At present Cherrycake Studios – renovated by the previous owner a couple of years ago – is undergoing final fit-out for its first intake of artists in September (places are still available at time of writing – please apply!). This involves, for example, the installation of air-conditioning in the top-floor bedrooms – a good night's sleep is essential! – and a kitchenette on the studio floor, to supplement the main kitchen downstairs. Then it will be time to crack the duty-free champagne on the balcony, to declare Cherrycake Studios officially open and to welcome our inaugural artist guests! 

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October 25-28, 2012 – Res Artis General Meeting, Tokyo Japan

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·         Our Regional Meeting in Vienna – May 2-5, 2012

·         Res Artis Interns

·         Acme Studios Launches Publication, marking 25 years of international artist residencies in London

·         New Residency: Cherrycake Studios, Malaysia

·         Upcoming Res Artis meetings

·         Upcoming Residency Deadlines


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