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I'd like to personally invite you to see the ReOrient Festival. It's a rare line up of plays and we are very proud of the production. A wine reception will follow the  opening performances tonight and tomorrow night. Please join us.

Festival Program

Series 1 – Thursdays & Saturdays at 8:00 PM

World Premiere
No Such Cold Thing by Naomi Wallace (2009)
An American soldier has an unexpected encounter with two afghan sisters who are ready to embark on a new life. Their fate – and his – get more complicated as the line between their different realities becomes dangerously blurred.

Tamam by Betty Shamieh (2002)
From one of the most highly praised Arab-American playwrights comes this story of a young Palestinian woman: Her name is Tamam; it means enough!

Coming Home by Motti Lerner (2003)
A compassionate inquiry into the fragility of the human spirit by one of Israel’s most vocal voices against the occupation.

Call Me Mehdi by Torange Yeghiazarian (2005)
A cultural divide erupts in this bedroom comedy between an Iranian woman and her American husband.


Series 2 – Fridays at 8:00 PM & Sundays at 5:00 PM

I’m Not a Serial Killer by Caveh Zahedi (1999)
From the independent filmmaker responsible for I Am a Sex Addict and I don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore, comes a kooky comedy about a lovable loser’s futile attempts at picking up the woman of his dreams.

Abaga by Torange Yeghiazarian (2001)
A lyrical tale of forbidden love between an Armenian man and a Turkish woman in Istanbul of 1915 repeats itself in Jerusalem of 1935 when their offspring falls for a Jewish immigrant.

A Marriage Proposal by Yussef El Guindi (2001)
Chekov’s classic comedy of class conflict and lemons adapted to an Egyptian family setting.

Compression of a Casualty by Kevin Doyle (2004)
Two CNN anchors find themselves stuck in the news report of an American soldier’s death in Iraq. They can neither tell the deeper tale, nor move on.

The Monologist Suffers Her Monologue by Yussef El Guindi (2007)
A Palestinian-American explores her identity in this poignant and comedic monologue. In the dialogue of nations, do you ever get the feeling that Palestine is just a monologue?



We will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of this one-of-a-kind festival of short plays exploring the Middle East. The ReOrient Festival was conceived in 1999 to meet the urgent and ongoing need for Middle Eastern voices in American theatre and to create a home where Middle Eastern artists are nurtured and supported. The festival aims to showcase the vast variety of voices and styles emerging from and inspired by the Middle East and to bring together diverse communities to engage with the region. 

November 19 to December 13, 2009 at the Thick House, San Francisco

In association with the festival, we will present the ReOrient Forum, a two-day gathering of theatre artists and field specialists engaging in discussions about Middle Eastern-American Theatre, Internet conferencing with theatre artists in the Middle East, and an original play interactively performed in San Francisco and Cairo via the Internet. In addition, the Forum will showcase the best of Bay Area Middle Eastern Arts by featuring performances by Ballet Afsaneh and Aswat Bay Area Arabic Choir.

December 5 & 6 at the Theatre Artaud, San Francisco

Anniversary Pass – Admission to all the plays, concerts, panels – ONLY $75!!!

Visit the ReOrient 2009 page for Programming Info and Ticketing


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