by Alexander Galin

 Two former Soviet astronauts meet to celebrate the anniversary of the date when they were supposed to land on the moon.  Because the American’s got there first, the lunar program was disbanded and the men never flew.  One now serves as a pilot to a super-wealthy oligarch, the other has continued in the space program as an impoverished professor, both have lost their dream.  The pilot has organized a party on their old lunar training module – built to simulate the sea of rain where they were to have landed many years ago.  He called upon an escort service to provide five young ladies to make the evening more fun.  The scientist is at a loss; among the girls he recognizes a student who attended his lectures at the university many years ago.  She is thrilled to see him again and will not abandon her ideal memory of how inspired her with a sense of meaning beyond her own difficult life.  He decides to save her from her fate of becoming a prostitute to the super-wealthy bandit that the pilot flies around. The girls all know that this work is her only hope for a life removed from poverty.  As the evening wears on neither can fulfill their present ambition, nor fully abandon the memory of a dream.

Alexander Galin is one of Russia’s best-known playwrights, and also an accomplished screenwriter, and theatre and film director. A. Galin is a permanent leader of the Russian playwrights’ rating list, his plays have been staged in more than two hundred theatres across the country, and also in the most popular theatres in Europe, and Asia including productions at the Moscow Art Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in London, Odeon Theater in Paris, Schiller Theater in Berlin, Mingiey Theatre in Tokyo.  Seven of his plays are on Russian and world stages in 2005.  His films "The Delegation" (1993) and “ The Photo” (2003) received a number of national and international prizes. The movie “ The Marriage” based on his screenplay received a prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.   Galin and the productions of his plays are recipients of prestigious prizes and awards such as Sir Lawrence Olivier Prize (United Kingdom), Ambassador of the Arts (USA). His play Stars in the Morning Sky (1982) had its world premiere at the Leningrad Maly Dramatic Theatre under the direction of Lev Dodin (1987). This production was performed during the New York tour of the Maly Dramatic Theatre and received excellent reviews in The New York Times and other major newspapers. The English-language premiere was at Los Angeles Theatre Center (USA), and many of his other plays have been performed through out United States. Galin is hailed as one of the leaders of a “new wave” of Russian playwrights who focus on the individual after decades of State political theater.