E-BULLETIN: April 2008

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These bulletins contain information about future Playwrights' Studio projects and activities, as well as many other opportunities available to playwrights across the UK and internationally from a range of sources.

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Studio News
WordFringe Writers Workshops

Fuse Script Reading Service

Translation Resource

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The Dylan Thomas Prize for Young Writers
New Works-Call for Proposals
Robin Reeves Prize for Young Writers
BBC Drama Writers Academy

Larry Course Playwriting Competition
Royal Court Young Writers Festival
Rod Hall Memorial
Bruntwood Theatre Competition
New Works of Merit Playwriting Competition
Robert McLellan Award for Playwriting

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Bank of Scotland Imaginate Writer's Workshops
Creative Writing Weekend at the Tron
Dramatising Scotland
Traverse Theatre Workshops
Telling Your Stories–Writing Course
Soho Theatre April Talks
Playwriting Courses with Fishamble
Script Development 101

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Quick Links
Sixteen by Rob Drummond
Fiendish Plot Theatre Company
Missy by Chris Hannan

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The Playwrights Network

The Playwrights Network links regional organisations which work to develop playwrights (and sometimes writers working in other media too) across the UK.Click on the map below to find an organisation in you
r area.


The Scottish Society of Playwrights (SSP)

A professional members' organisation that represents, develops and promotes the interests and craft of professional Scottish playwrights working within the theatre sector.

To become a member or for more information about the Society, please see their website www.scottishsocietyofplaywrights.co.uk
or email administrator@scottishsocietyofplaywrights.co.uk

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