ASSEMBLY: Performers 2012

Assembly runs the most successful and prestigious venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Established 32 years ago, Assembly is world renowned for producing and presenting a programme of award-winning comedy, theatre, music, cabaret and dance from all around the world. We have 10 theatre spaces based in the magnificence of Assembly Hall within our new hub in George Square Gardens.

Assembly hosts the biggest names, attracts large audiences and provides the best opportunities for brand exposure locally, nationally and internationally. 

Assembly's programme of events runs from 10am to late with exhibitions, cafés and bars where critics, performers and guests alike can party and relax into the small hours of the morning.
How To Apply
If you are interested in performing at Assembly in 2012 applications are accepted from January 2012. Assembly is a semi-curated festival, so please send the following by either e-mail or post and we will be in touch if there is a slot or venue available that might suit your show. 

The information we require is:

  • Information about the show, synopsis, script and casting.
  • A video or promo clips of the show.
  • Where you have performed in the past and any press clippings from previous runs.
  • Size of venue you are looking for, seating and stage size.
  • Any major technical requirements – projection, large sets, band set-up, hanging points etc…
  • Is your show performing anywhere that we can come and see it. 

Please send all information to:programming@assemblyfestival.com


Assembly Hall

  • Main Hall
  • Rainy Hall
  • Baillie Room

Assembly George Square

  • Spiegel Tent – Teatro
  • Salon Elegance
  • Bosco
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • George Square Theatre

Assembly Roxy

  • Central
  • Upstairs
  • Downstairs


ASSEMBLY OFFICE                                                  Administration Office

Assembly Theatre
2/2, 50 George Street
Edinburgh  EH2 2LE
Tel: 0131 623 3000 
Fax: 0131 623 3001
Email: info@assemblyfestival.com


London Administration Office (Nov – May)
Assembly Theatre
Riverside Studios
Crisp Road
London W6 9RL
Tel: 0208 237 1000
Fax: 0208 237 1071
Email: info@assemblyfestival.com