The Drama School, Mumbai, introduces a new, exciting programme.
The India Theatre Programme is a 4 week training and creation residency aimed at performing arts practitioners and students from across the world. It’s an opportunity for those interested in expanding the range of methodologies that inform their practice, to work across cultural boundaries and explore other systems of performance.
The objective of the residency is:

  • to engage and explore 4 Indian performing arts forms and through them, understand universal principles of live performance.
  • to train with master performers who have come together to collaboratively share this vast body of knowledge.
  • to open perspectives that will further enrich each participant’s personal practices in the performing arts.

Please find more details here.
It’s with a great deal of thought that the residency has been designed. For the very first time, these 4 forms and the respective masters in these fields have been brought together to work collaboratively under one programme.  We’re keen to reach out to as many artists as possible who would be interested in making the most of this opportunity.
We’d love to meet/speak with you about ways in which this can be achieved. Could you let me know when this might be possible please?
Look forward to hearing from you soon.