Dear peace innovators from around the world,

Pasos is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to establish an interactive peace museum where individuals, families, and groups can gather to experience and learn about peacebuilding.

Through art collections, music, film, interactive exhibits, speaker series and workshops, Pasos invites every visitor to explore how he or she can integrate into his or her life new understandings, outlooks, motivations and conceptions about the relationship of human beings to each other and to their planet. Pasos will also challenge every visitor to identify one thing he or she can do in his or her personal life, in their family or in the larger community to promote peace.

Pasos' exhibits and programs will focus on 3 areas:


  • for children and their families
  • for individuals and groups
  • for institutions


  • Understanding it and learning about local and worldwide efforts for peace


  • Promoting inner peace through the arts and contemplative practices

We look forward to hearing your voice and comments as you experience this space.

Nitza Milagros Escalera
Chair, Board of Directors