Outside Inn is an international theater collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and Theater Rampe Stuttgart.  Austrian playwright, Andreas Jungwirth has written a modern adventure story filled with contemporary cultural issues (illegal immigration, identity theft, corporate corruption) which, in addition to an entertaining evening, will provide talking points for the post show discussions which will follow every performance. I am directing the production as a part of my ongoing professional career and in pursuit of my interest in examining and exploring cultural difference and its effects on various aspects of society.  I have brought in two actors from Stuttgart (one Austrian, one German) and two actors from New York City (one American and one German-American) who will be performing in the play.  All four actors are bilingual and will be performing in both languages on different nights.  This provides a unique opportunity for language teachers and those interested in German culture to see a contemporary play written in German and performed in German.  The play will showcase in Pittsburgh for one weekend, travel to Stuttgart and run for one month at Theater Rampe and then return to the US to play in New York City next fall.  We anticipate performances in Berlin and Chicago as well.  This weekend in Pittsburgh will be the beginning of what promises to be a long and successful life for this production. Feel free to email or call with any questions you might have.    Melanie DreyerAssistant Professor

University of Pittsburgh