On the Move July newsletter – SPECIAL ISSUE

Dear newsletter readers,

As the summer break is approaching for our team in the Brussels office, we’ve prepared two surprises for you!

#One: the July issue of the newsletter (in front of your eyes) features a selection of researches, guides and tools for cultural mobilitypublished or coordinated by On the Move. We’ve organised the suggested readings according to four key topics: funding opportunities, tools for mobility, evaluation of mobility programs and green mobility.

#Two: exceptionally, this year we’ll send also an August newsletter with the “usual” monthly selection of cultural mobility opportunities.  

So take a seat and enjoy our special reading selection… and if you’re inspired, join the conversation about #culturemobility!

the On the Move team

p.s. Summer or not, our websiteFacebook and Twitter accounts areregularly updated with fresh news and reminders of cultural mobility opportunities with travel costs paidcallsfundingresidency opportunities,jobstraining andmeetings… whether you’re going on holidays or staying at home, then, stay tuned!

Suggested readings – 1: funding for cultural mobility

Looking for funding opportunities? Browse our Funding section for guides toEurope and Asia! And in addition:

Guide to funding opportunities for cultural journalists in Europe

The partners of Unpack the Arts approached On the Move in 2012 to work on a specific guide to funding opportunities for European cultural journalists’ mobility. The guide has been updated in spring 2014. An interesting publication for arts writers, critics and theorists (working for any media), media professionals focusing on the arts in general, writers and researchers in the cultural field, policy-makers and cultural mobility funders.

Guide to mobility funding opportunities – Focus on 13 Arab countries

On the Move and the Arab Education Forum joined forces to produce this online guide, supported by KAMS – Korea Arts Management Service, and carried out in cooperation with the Jordanian Hashemite Fund For Human Development and the Queed Zein Al-Sharaf Institute for Development. Apremière, this guide is a useful resource for artists and cultural professionals willing to travel across the Arab world and beyond, as well as for policy-makers willing to consider the current provision of funding for mobility in the region.

Looking for readings about cultural mobility funding? These reports might interest you:

Access and Reciprocity: A brainstorming meeting between cultural mobility funders and stakeholders and the Asia- Australia-Europe Creative Residency Network – Melbourne, Australia

Report of the brainstorming meeting – facilitated by On the Move and organised in cooperation with RES ARTIS and Asialink – held in Melbourne, Australia in May 2014, prior to the IETM Asia Satellite Meeting hosted by the Australia Council for the Arts. Key mobility funders and stakeholders discussed: What new partnerships are required to adapt current funding models to address established needs? Is a reciprocal model guaranteeing a more sustainable, diverse and meaningful exchange? What can non-monetary solutions (i.e. information pooling, tool sharing) offer? This concise report includes a list of relevant resources related to cultural mobility funding.

Platform meeting of Asian and European cultural mobility funders, Prague-Czech Republic

Over 35 organisations and institutions from Asia and Europe gathered in Prague, Czech Republic in early June 2013 for the first ever meeting of mobility funders from Asia and Europe, organised by the Czech Arts and Theatre Institute, Kelola Foundation (Indonesia) and On the Move with the support of the Creative Encounters programme of ASEF. The final report includes the ppt presentations of over 20 private and public funding organisations in Europe and Asia.

Suggested readings – 2: tools for cultural mobility

“The” guide for your first mobility experience(s):

Move On! Cultural mobility for beginners

On the Move, in collaboration with its members and with the support of the Hippocrène Foundation, has prepared this agile guide with "tips & links" for your mobility experience. From understanding what "mobility" means to browsing the right links, from packing you suitcase to staying in touch with the great people you met: 10 "golden rules" to make the most of an experience abroad – no matter when, where and how long. Free download –in English, French, Italian and German! 

Two country-specific guides:

First cultural mobility experiences for European artists and cultural professionals in China

OTM launched this new publication in spring 2014: a comprehensive list of online resources to prepare properly a mobility experience in China. This guide, supported by the China Mission to the EU in Brussels, is conceived as a practical tool for artists – individuals and groups/companies – and cultural professionals from all fields and disciplines, and in particular young and/or emerging artists and small groups. Find 8 key topics to keep in mind – and useful resources about each of them!

On the Move Repertory of web-links on cultural mobility in Latin America

One of the key objectives of this repertory is to help Latin American – and international – artists and cultural professionals to identify information sources and to find potential ways to support their cultural mobility related projects within Latin America. 

Interested in information about cultural mobility? Check this out:

Training and Information sessions for and with OTM member organisations and Asian delegates in Luxemburg

Following the successful experience of 2012, the Agence Luxembourgeoise d'Action Culturelle welcomed again OTM and its members for a training on communication strategies and the use of social media for cultural mobility, taking place in Luxemburg in June 2014. Check the online presentations of the participating organisations and find here some ideas to better communicate about cultural mobility!

Suggested readings – 3: evaluation of cultural mobility funding

Evaluation of the International Opportunities Fund (Wales)  

Wales Arts International has commissioned to On the Move an evaluation of its International Opportunities Fund (IOF) and its impact on the mobility of artists and cultural professionals based in Wales. The research was carried out through interviews with both recipients of the IOF awards and their international partners. Find out more about the main impacts of this international mobility funding opportunity.

European cities and cultural mobility: Trends and support actions

This study – commissioned to OTM by the City of Nantes through the EUROCITIES network – analyses the policies and actions implemented by 24 large European cities (in 15 EU Member States) to support the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. The summary is available also in French. 

Suggested readings – 4: Green mobility

Report and Resources – GALA Workshop on green issues for the sustainable support of cultural mobility, Berlin (Germany)

This GALA workshop targeted EU funders (public and private) and cultural policy makers interested in including green criteria in the way they support culture and cultural mobility in particular. The EU funded project, GALA is coordinated by Julie’s Bicycle and DutchCulture ¦ TransArtists. The training was organised by OTM in collaboration with ITI-Germany and IGBK. The concise report and key resources are available online for further “green” exploration.

… and the “classic”:

Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts: Julie's Bicycle & On the Move research dossier in 5 languages!

This OTM research dossier is a guide to environmentally sustainable mobility for touring performing arts companies and venues. It is available in English, French, Italian, German and Chinese!

Discover more online publications in On the Move’s library – all available for free!