by Hillel Mittelpunkt

In an outpost of sorts in the Sinai Desert, a survivor of Hitler’s death camps runs a pension together with her married and but un-benounced widowed daughter. She is indebted to every bank, and so takes on a wanna-be Madam and two whores. Her lover, a retiree still hanging on to work in the army, steals food for her kitchen. One day a young man arrives and reveals he is looking for a new life to escape his former life as a cardshark. The old woman realizes she can make money of him, and convinces her daughter to use him. He falls in love with the daughter, wins enough money to buy them out of debt when the daughter’s marital status is revealed to him. Whereupon he looses all the money and leaves. The bank takes possession of the pension, and the doctor hangs himself upstairs while the old woman rejects marriage to the retiree.

Golda Maier is about to visit the outpost, when the daughter together with the retiree buys back  the pension, challenging the mother. The mother leaves, the retiree leaves, and the daughter ends the play as a whore.