afrol News, 8 October A satirical play [Phantom Crescent] written by a renowned rights activist, Shehu Sani, was banned by an Islamic court in northern Kaduna state. The ban automatically halted the performance of the play on 23 October.

The play captured the lives of corrupt politicians in the country’s Sharia-controlled states. Phantom Crescent exposed how politicians, especially state governors, hide behind Sharia laws to empty state coffers with impunity.

The court’s order followed a motion filed by a pro-Sharia group. But the author of the satirical play expressed his determination to fight what he called “this infringement on my fundamental right to freedom of expression.” He said he had contacted his lawyers.

After a famous Nigerian actress, Maryam Hiyana, was seen on a video clip having sex with a married man, officials in Kano state placed a six month suspension on all filming.

Kano officials have vowed to tighten film acting and production. As such, actors and directors have to obtain film licence as well as meet certain criteria before they are allowed to operate in the state.

At least 12 states in the Muslim-dominated states in Nigeria’s northern region have introduced Sharia since 1999, when the country returned to civilian rule.