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Dear reader, 
Welcome to this year's 10th issue of the TEH Newsletter, featuring highlights from the European Network of Independent Cultural Centers, Trans Europe Halles. 

With only a few weeks left of the year, the TEH Coordination Office still have some exciting events coming up before closing for Christmas. On December 3rd-5th, Acting Secretary General Emma Ernsth will participate in a panel about civil society movers n' shakers at the conference Re: Designing Cultural Politics in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference is organized by Intercult and Culture Action Europe and is part of the Swedish EU-Presidency. Further, when the Swedes will be celebrating the saint Lucia on December 13th, Emma Ernsth will be on her way home from the Go East! conference in Warsaw where she will give a presentation about TEH. 

Enjoy the reading, 
Anna Weitz, TEH Marketing and Communication Manager, anna@teh.net 

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From Verona to Vienna within CHANGING ROOM Staff Exchange 
The development of the CHANGING ROOM Toolkit continues and at the same time several Staff Exchanges have successfully taken place within the project. Sara Fazzini from Interzona in Verona has just returned from WUK in Vienna, and Martine de Nijs from Melkweg in Amsterdam will be visiting A38 in Budapest beginning of December. Read about the experiences of the staff exchangees on the Staff Exchange blog. 

CHANGING ROOM is a two-year pilot project by Trans Europe Halles looking for new ways of stimulating cross-border mobility of cultural operators. 

Farnham Maltings promotes south-east artists in caravan 2010 
From 9th to 11th May Farnham Maltings (Farnham, Surrey, UK), in partnership with Brighton Festival, is running caravan 2010, a three day show case of site specific, interactive and incidental performance presented as part of Brighton Festival. The programme features 15 of the South-East’s most exciting artists ranging from established international names to the brightest new talent. 

Interzona brings avant-garde theatre to the Verona audience 
With the theatre festival 'Are We Human', curated by director Tommaso Rossi, Interzona (Verona, Italy) offers the local audience a glimpse of what’s going on in the young Italian avant-garde theatre scene, in a town like Verona, where opera and classical theatre are welcome but there is little interest towards the new voices of the independent sector. 

Member in focus: 

This autumn Laznia Nowa (Cracow, Poland) hosted the first TEH meeting in Poland ever. TEH trainee Stina Bülow made an interview with Magdalena Podziewska, coordinator of the meeting, for this month's Member in Focus. 

"It was a really great experience. A lot of work with a lot of responsibility. But it was really good to see all Europe at Laznia Nowa talking about such important things. I’m just sorry we didn’t have more time". 

Call for case study contributions to NEW TIMES NEW MODELSconference at Pekarna 
January 28th-30th 2010 in Maribor, Slovenia 

The core issue of New Times New Models (NTNM) ishow relations can be improved between public authorities, the private sector and independent cultural centres . The NTNM conference will investigate this topic by presenting case studies, speeches by experts and experienced practitioners and working sessions in smaller breakout groups to reach informed conclusions. 

TEH and Pekarna kindly invite you to participate and contribute with case studies of good and difficult practice cases of independent cultural centres using public cultural infrastructure from the EU and the Western Balkans. Selected authors will be invited and reimbursed to participate in the conference. 

TEH members invited to Go East! 
December 11th-12th in Warswaw, Poland. 

TEH members are hereby invited to the "Go East!" conference, organised by The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Culture Contact Point and Europe for Citizens Contact Point) and The City of Warsaw Culture Department. 

The conference is dedicated to the new possibilities of collaboration and financing for cultural and civil society projects, within the framework of the Eastern Partnership programmes. 

In the
evenings you will have a chance to experience the independent culture of Warsaw as from 10th to 12th the Festival Re:visions will take place:www.rewizje.pl

New concepts for TEH Media Network developed by Creative Leaders participants
Following their participation in TEH Meeting 68, Giedre Stabingyte, Tanel Tatter and Gatis Murnieks have developed new ideas and concepts for TEH Media Network within the framework of the Swedish Institute programme Creative Leaders. 

TEH member Subtopia (Stockholm, Sweden) is a partner organisation in the Creative Leaders programme and in collaboration with the TEH Coordination Office they formulated a challenge to the participants of the programme; to develop concepts and business ideas for TEH's Media Network that function as self-sufficient economic engines for growth. 

The outcome was presented by the participants in Stockholm last Friday (November 20th), and Jonas Boutani Werner from Subtopia who attended the presentation describes it as a real state-of-the-art work, and very much in line with existing ideas of the network. A short report from the presentations in Stockholm will follow! 

As announced in the latest newsletter the beta version of TEH TV is now up and running. Don't miss out on the new video clips (some great ones from Polymer for instance) and please click here if you would like to add your own videos.

Mapping of incubators in TEH in process – report to be published 
Thank you to all of you who contributed to the mapping of incubators in Trans Europe Halles. The information you have provided will be part of a report by Debora Voges, Project Developer of Lund Innovation Centre that the City of Lund is aiming at setting up. The report will be distributed to TEH members in January/February 2010. TEH is a partner in the development of the Innovation Centre and looks forward to the next steps in the project. 

Trans Nordic Net meeting at ufa-Fabrik 
This week the managing directors within Trans Nordic Net met in Berlin to share experiences and support each other in different topical issues at stake in their work. It was the second part of a leadership development initiative that has been established within Trans Nordic Net. 

Matti Kortelainen, MD at Mejeriet (Lund, Sweden) explains: 
I think this is very valuable. As a leader you are always alone in a way, but in this group we can bring our real cases and discuss them with people who are working in the same specific setting; a Nordic independent cultural center. That is very difficult to find on local level. 

One part of the meeting was held at ufa-Fabrik, a first-time visit for some of the participants. 

Trans Nordic Net is an informal platform that aims to facilitate Nordic cooperation within Trans Europe Halles. It is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

TEH participated in the Shortcut Europe conference in Helsinki… 
Emma Ernsth from the TEH Coordination Office went to Helsinki participate in the ENCC conference Shortcut Europe and to visit Kaapelitehdas' new venue Suvilahti. She met many familiar TEH faces. 

…and is a partner of Shortcut Europe 2010 in Dortmund 
On June 3rd- 5th there will be a Shortcut Europe conference on 'Cultural policies and social exclusion' in Dortmund, Germany. This time TEH will be a partner in the conference. 

Call for applications to SPACE trainings for programmers 
SPACE is, just like the TEH project CHANGING ROOM, a pilot project looking at ways to increase mobility in the culture sector. It provides a training programme for professionals who are 
programming performing arts and want to deepen their knowledge and analyse and improve their recent and future work. Deadline for applications is January 2010. 

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