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Czech modern puppetry TODAY (11/18/2008)

Czech puppet theater for teenagers and adults… more…


New Czech play at the Goose on a String Theatre (11/18/2008) 
Vladimír Morávek, a director and artistic director of the Goose on a String theatre (Divadlo Husa na provázku) , has staged a contemporary Czech play My beautiful world (Můj krásný svět) by authors Pavel Trtílek and Jan Krupa. more…

The most anticipated event of the season: the premiere of Václav Havel's new play (11/18/2008)

The premiere of the play that made Václav Havel get back from the centre of political scene to a theatre one raised interest a long time ago. more…

In Search for Lost Feeling (11/18/2008)

The Comedy Theatre has a title "the theatre of the year" this year, its staging of Kafka's Trial became the best performance of the year 2007… more…

Regions – Drama of the South Bohemian Theatre (11/18/2008)

Drama of the South Bohemian Theatre (Jihočeské divadlo) in České Budějovice belongs among regional theatres with significant dramaturgy and numerous productions that were appreciated by critics. more…

Mats Ek in Prague for the first time (11/18/2008)

National Theater in Prague has staged Ek's ballet Carmen. The program called Causa Carmen! was accompanied by a premiere of Santa Says Cut It! by Johan Greben and Uri Ivgi. more…

Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance
Jan Kerbr, Kamila Černá: Theatre / Drama
Nina Malíková: Puppet Theatre bulletin is published four times annually, CArts Institute – Theatre Institute Prague, 2008.

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