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Theatre.cz – Winter 01/09 Now On-line

The newsletter for those interested in the world of Czech Theatre and Dance
Published by the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague

Gipsies and skinheads, ballet and hip hop (2/9/2009)

The Theater of Opera and Ballet in Ústí nad Labem staged the ballet Gipsy roots/spice. more…


Queen Margot – a new ballet of Libor Vaculík (2/9/2009)

After the change in the management of the National Theater in Brno, the planned premiere of a new ballet of Libor Vaculík moved to near-by Olomouc. Vaculík's Queen Margot fits in choreographer's production of recent years in many aspects. more…


Kundera's comedy rediviva (2/9/2009)

Milan Kundera wrote his second play, the comedy, The Blunder, in 1966 but it was only staged as late as in 1969, that is after the August occupation. more…


News – Puppet theatre (2/9/2009)

Interesting projects and exhibitions more…


Circus Havel by Vladimír Morávek (2/9/2009)

Circus Havel directed by Vladimír Morávek, one of the most expressive directors of those born in the 50's and 60's, is a montage of several plays by Václav Havel and his non-dramatic textsmore…


News Dance Theatre (2/9/2009)

Dance Conferences – Festivals – Premieres – Magazine more…


Love by a Playlist A Dance Performance Unaccessible to Adolescents (2/9/2009)

The premiere of the company NANOHACH, choreography Love Me! at Ponec, was something extraordinary for the Czech dance community more…


A new play by Václav Havel (2/9/2009)

A new play by Václav Havel Leaving and its first production, directed by David Radok in the Archa Theatre in Prague, was the event of the year 2008. more…


A scenic and costume designer Luboš Hrůza died…. (2/9/2009)

A scenic and costume designer Luboš Hrůza died on 2nd December 2008, he was 75 years old more…


České nebe (the Czech Heaven) (2/3/2009)

Another successful staging of 2008 originated at the theatre that is a typical Czech phenomenon. more…

Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance
Kamila Černá, Jan Kerbr, Jana Patočková: Theatre / Drama
Nina Malíková: Puppet Theatre
theatre.cz bulletin is published four times annually, CArts Institute – Theatre Institute Prague, 2009.

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