The Return of Cultural Diplomacy 
Newsweek, 12/31/2008 

"Americans have long believed that exporting movies, pop music, TV shows and other entertainment is both good business and good diplomacy. Is this belief still justified? Regarding business, the answer is yes. . . . Diplomatically speaking, however, the picture is mixed."


Clinton's Goals Detailed 
Washington Post, 1/19/2009 

"While Secretary of State-designate Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke primarily in generalities during her four-hour confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week, her formal introductory statement and her 79-page written answers to questions for the record laid out some specific programs and goals that offer clues and insight on the incoming administration's foreign policy." Those include opening "America Houses" in cities across the Arab world. "These facilities, fashioned after a Cold War-era program, would have Internet libraries, English lessons and stories about Muslims in America. An initiative labeled 'America's Voice Corps' would recruit young Americans with language and public diplomacy skills to speak with and listen to people in the area. Completing the package would be a Global Education Fund to provide $2 billion for primary education around the world. But, she said, there would not be a return of the independent U.S. Information Agency."

Obama advised to embrace effective cultural relations (London, UK), 1/17/2009 

Martin Davidson, chief executive of the British Council, advises Barack Obama to use cultural diplomacy "to rebuild lasting relations and engagement with other countries on a mutually beneficial and respectful footing."

Obama offers new foreign policy era 

BBC News, 1/20/2009 

"President Barack Obama's inaugural speech contained some important indications of how he intends to pursue foreign policy differently from the Bush years." He spoke of "all the elements of the concept of 'smart power' – an amalgam of military, diplomatic, political and cultural tools that we are going to see much more of in the days to come."



Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO meets on cultural diversity 
Afrique en ligne, 12/3/2008 

"The Intergovernmental Committee of Convention on the protection and promotion of diversity of cultural expressions meets in Paris from 8 – 12 December to . . . examine means of promoting international cooperation in the field of cultural expressions as well as means of encouraging the parties to integrate culture into sustainable development in accordance with the terms of the Convention."




Sino-US forum boost cultural exchange 
CCTV (Beijing, China), 12/10/2008 

Around fifty experts from China and the US exchanged ideas at a forum titled "Protection of Cultural Heritage in a Digital Era." "In the future, the Sino-US cultural forum will be held regularly. Topics are expected to cover all categories of the cultural sphere."