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Lying Abroad:. A Critical Study of Cultural Diplomacy
UB Arts Management & Policy Occasional Paper Series, 2007

Part of the University of Buffalo Arts Management and Policy occasional paper series, "[t]his volume examines the nature of cultural diplomacy and draws from a conference on cultural diplomacy and includes speeches given by Cultural Ambassador Joel Meyerowitz, Karen L. Perez, Singaporean Artistic Director T. Sasitharan, and articles by Emeritus Professor John Pick, Patrick Hughes and Ruth Bereson."

Promote U.S. popular culture abroad
Pasadena Star News (CA), 11/17/2007

Kim Rome opines that the State Department is missing a huge opportunity as it "underestimates the enormous popularity of American culture throughout the world." She says the State Department should take a cue from Warner Brothers' film and television studios, who last month "announced the launch of a multi-billion dollar partnership with the Abu Dhabi Media Company to develop 'a media and entertainment hub' in the United Arab Emirates capital city. . . . The State Department's Office of Public Diplomacy could broker cooperation between existing American popular culture and emerging open markets – all without bureaucratic expansion. The position already exists; it's only a matter of putting it to good use."

MTV launches new Arabic channel
CBC News (Canada), 11/18/2007

"American music channel MTV has launched an Arabic service, beaming into 36 million households. MTV Arabia will screen Arab music videos, talent shows and American programs such as Pimp My Ride and Punk'd, but adapted for Arab audiences. . . . MTV is trying to grab an audience that already has access to more than 50 music channels, but the effort could reap huge results — two-thirds of the Arab world is younger than 30 with lots of spare cash and a rabid interest in Western pop culture."

U.S. Scholars Ask For Normal Relations with Cuba
Ahora (Cuba), 11/20/2007

"In an open letter to Bush, more than two hundred artists and scholars from the United States asked their president to end the travel ban that prevents U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba and allow Cuban artists and scholars to visit the United States."

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