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Achievements of the Comedy Theatre

The Comedy Theatre in Prague earned the reputation being one of the most progressive theatre scenes. It has received the Alfréd Radok Award for the Theatre of the Year for the second time (in 2007 and 2009).more…


The Man Without a Past

Czech theatre has been recently splashed with a wave of stage adaptations of famous movies. more…





The turn of 2009 and 2010 summarized in this spring e-magazine comprised several important events for Czech dance. Independent dance still strives for becoming professional and reaching emancipated position to other fields of art. more…



Two significant but controversial premieres have taken place at Czech ballet scene. more…



Autumn and winter seasons brought one traditional New Europe Festival connected with Jarmila Jeřábková Award and one brand new festival that did not take place on a stage but on a screen – it is the first Festival of Dance Films. more…


New Scene

Important news for Czech dance life was a start of the New Scene building with new dramaturgic profile. more…




What are Czech opera theatres and how to stage Bohuslav Martinů?

The Newsletter readers have not had many opportunities to meet Czech opera productions and learn about opera in the Czech Republic as such. Let' s have an introduction at the beginning. more…


The National Theatre in Prague celebrated Bohuslav Martinů

On the occasion of Bohuslav Martinů's double anniversary and project Martinů Revisited, the opera company of the National Theatre in Prague performed The Miracle of Mary as the first premiere of the 2009/2010 season.




Experiment Not Only With a Word

Four stagings in Prague and one in Brno allow us to have a look at Czech experimental production. Starting points of the authors are often very different. more…


Švejda In Plastic

Vojta Švejda is an original and very talented performer whose stagings cannot be overlooked in the Alfred ve dvoře theatre. He sank in the modern eco-field in his recent piece called Siphon. more…


Ioana Mona Popovici about silence and oblivion

The collaboration of choreographer Ioana Mona Popovici and clownery students in Brno gave a birth to a disturbing staging in Brno. About bodies – automats, people without emotions and general amnesia. more…




CZECH PUPPET News I – 2010

In 2010, several Czech professional puppet theatres that originated after 1945 in relation to the project of building a new theatre network celebrate their 60th anniversary. more…


My name is Blond. James Blond

Transposition of a classic Bond story was staged right before Christmas in the Alfa Theatre, Pilsen. The clever and lovely parody-play James Blond was written by Vítek Peřina and directed by Tomáš Dvořák. more…


The Swan Song of Iva Peřinová

The staging inspired by The Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky premiered in the Liberec Naive Theatre in autumn last year. more…





12th Prague Quadrennial of Perfomance Design and Space /PQ/

The time and place have been set for the next Prague Quadrennial of Perfomance Design and Space (PQ). The 12th PQ will take place from June 16th to June 26th, 2011 in several different central areas of Prague.more…





THEATRE AND REVOLUTION: exhibition – discussion – conference – theatre

In 2009, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the so-called Velvet Revolution that started in Czech and Slovak theatres. more…


"Exhibition Josef Svoboda – Czech Stage Designer With a World-Known Name in Buenos Aires"

The Arts and Theatre Institute in cooperation with the Czech Centre in Buenos Aires and Teatro San Martín realized an exhibition about Josef Svoboda as a part of the prestigious international FIBA festival. more…


Havel's Leaving is heading to Soul

The staging of the most recent Václav Havel's play Leaving directed by David Radok belonged to the most followed 2008 premieres and there have been almost fifty sold performances. more…


Otomar Krejča – a theatremaker whose name overreached the border of the Czech Republic

Significant theatre director Otomar Krejča died on 6th November 2009 in the age of 87. more…



Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance
Kamila Černá, Jan Kerbr: Theatre / Drama

Kateřina Řeháková, Barbora Dolejšová: Opera & Musical Theatre 
Nina Malíková,
Kateřina Lešková, Marie Reslová
 – Dolenská: Puppet Theatre

Jana Bohutínská: Experimental & New Forms Theatre

Nathalie Frank: Prague Quadrennial
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