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Dear Culturalist@s,
How should art intended for social change be judged? Are the good intentions of the artists more important than the artistic quality of what they produce? Add your voice to this conversation and read on for this week's features from

John & Nico, Co-Founders


Featured Culturalist@
Alaine Handa
New York City, NY

Alaine HandaChoreographer Alaine Handa considers herself "a mix of Indonesian, Chinese, Singaporean, Australian, Hong Kong, London, Boston, Californian, and New Yorker". Aptly named "Global Nomads" and "Chameleon", her current projects explore the universality of the human experience through cross-cultural collaboration. Click here to check out her profile, her artist statement on the CultureBlog and her v-log post with details about "Chameleon".


From the CultureBlog
Documenting the world's sounds: Smithsonian Folkways up for a Webby Award

Smithsonian Folkways

"While you browse through thousands of recordings, you can listen to Folkways Radio playing a random selection from around the world; download podcasts such as "Sounds to Grow On", a 26-part series with original recordings; or find free sets of curricula for educators [to teach] about South Asian music, the dance traditions of Argentina and lots more." To read more and to vote for Smithsonian Folkways to get a Webby Award, click here. To start a post in the CultureBlog, click here


From The Forum
Good intentions vs. artistic quality

Community MuralWhat is the criteria to judge a mural, adance piece or even an abstract painting that is meant for social change? Are the intentions of the artists more important than the quality of what they produce? Is there even a need to separate art between socially-engaged and not?  Join the conversation


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Featured Video
Post Apartheid Stress Syndrome 

Post Apartheid Stress  SyndromeWith the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa around the corner, Helge Olle Janssen shares a video poem about his country's traumatic transition years since the end of Apartheid.Click here to watch.


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