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Course administration

  • Juliano Mer Khamis – General and Artistic Director of The Freedom Theatre
  • Samia Stetti – Program Director, the Freedom Theatre
  • Zakariya Haj Hamad – Director of the Continuing Education Center, the Arab American University
  • Fatimah Arsheed – Head of the Courses Department, the Continuing Education Center, the Arab American University
  • Jonatan Stanczak – Strategic Program Section
  • Nabil al-Rai – Education Coordinator
  • Shirin Maher Faz'a – Theatre Secretary

Teaching and training staff

The teaching and training staff for the course is highly professional and experienced. Each staff member has no fewer than four years' experience in teaching or training in their respective specialist field, and has Palestinian or various other nationalities. The following is a list of some of the teachers and trainers:

  • Muhammad Bakri (Bei'neh) – The role of the actor
  • Juliano Mer Khamis (Haifa) – Acting
  • Nabil al-Rai (Bethlehem) – Improvisation
  • Rim al-Lau (Ramallah) – Voice and song
  • Petra al-Barghouti (Ramallah) – Drama therapy and applied theatre
  • Francois Abu Salem (Jerusalem) – Acting and community theatre
  • Jan Lolius (Sweden) – Text analysis
  • Barit Louise (Sweden) – Acting and cinema
  • Lin Rinous (Sweden) – Stage design
  • Gunar Perjuston (Sweden) – Theatre techniques
  • Salim Dau (Haifa) – Masks and Comedy dell'Arte
  • Yousef Abu Wardi (Haifa) – Acting
  • Amer Hlehel (Haifa) – Theatre games
  • Ayman Aun (Ramallah) – Forum Theatre
  • Ibrahim Mazen (Ramallah) – Text analysis
  • Dr. Mirfet Iyash (Jenin) – Fine arts
  • Michael Yansoun (Sweden) – Physical theatre
  • Harald Nilson (Sweden) – Voice and song
  • Nidal Khatib (Bethlehem) – Puppet theatre
  • David Say (USA) – Movement
  • Aster Alyout (USA) – Shakespearean theatre
  • Dr. Ayman Yousef (Jenin) – History of Palestine
  • Dr. Jamal Hanaysha (Jenin) – Social studies
  • Dr. Zakariya Haj Hamad (Jenin) – English language
  • Mohammed Abu al-Rab (Jenin) -Arabic language
  • Robert Lions (Sweden) – History of Theatre and theatrical theatre
  • Professor Suzanne Austen (Sweden) – Youth and children's theatre
  • Professor Lina Fardel (Sweden) – Dramaturgy

Members of the Palestinian Board of Directors of the Freedom Theatre

  • Dr. Mervat Ayiash (Chair Person)
  • Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLC Member and Founder of MIFTAH
  • Wafaa Habb-AlReeh, President of the Palestinian Women's Union
  • George Ibrahim, Director of Al Kasaba Theatre
  • Bassima Abu Nami, Director of Al Muntada in Jenin
  • Said Murad, General Manager of Sabreen Association for Art Production
  • Bilal Assaadi, Merchant
  • Sumaia Hajj Ibrahim, Teacher
  • Jamal Tubasi, Merchant

The Freedom Theatre is registered as a Palestinian non-governmental organization and as a Swedish foundation, and has a separate board of directors.

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