Coming Soon

• major improvements to our newsletter system
• improvements to submission system
• optimizations and new additions to Art Opps Pool


What’s new

v 0.3.2
• user submissions of new art opportunities now possible via app
• fixed missing link on screen 21

v 0.3.1
• rearrangements, optimizations, fixes

v 0.3
• Android app for art opportunities released
• Art Opps Pool (40+  sources)

v 0.2
• Added 50+ pools/categories
• Newsletter
• Fixed some bugs

v 0.1
• Full mobile and tablet compatibility
• Twitter cards and other snippets supported (while saving a call)


Art Opportunities @festivals 21, or Art Opps, is a free web app for artists and art organizations.

We are receiving/sharing information from hundreds of relevant festivals, mailing lists, art organizations and individuals on a regular basis. Also, we are following all major related media such as (but not limited to):,,,, Transculturalexchange,,,,,,, Eyemedianews,,,, Wooloo,…

Art categories and tags are induced only for easier navigation/browsing. Some of the fields of art included in Art Opps app are:
• Literary arts (call for papers, playwriting, poetry, prose, screenwriting…)
• New media arts (digital art, Internet art, performance art, radio art, sound art, video art…)
• Performing arts (dance, music, theatre…)
• Visual arts and design (architecture, photography, installation, decorative art, fine arts, painting, drawing, illustration, sculpting, printmaking, land art, fashion design, interior design, outdoor design, textile design, product design… )
• Film (animated movies, documentaries, experimental films, fictional/narrative, features, short films, ad films, music videos…)
• Funding and grants
• Art residencies
• Conferences
• Workshops
• Awards, competitions and contests

Art Opps goal is to become number one free source for artists mobility before 2021.