Dear friend and colleague, We are writing with some exciting news and a special end-of-year offer. Tusitala publications is about to publish two new books:  ·         Do My Story, Sing My Song: Music therapy and Playback Theatre with troubled children
by Jo Salas (177 pages; $19);  ·         The re-issue of The Essential Moreno: Writing on Psychodrama, Group Method, and Spontaneity by J.L. Moreno, edited by Jonathan Fox (262 pages; $30).   Do My Story, Sing My Song tells the stories of children in residential treatment, diagnosed as severely emotionally disturbed, who took part in music and drama therapy with the author. Engaging, informative, and moving, this book is for general readers, teachers, parents, artists, therapists, policy makers, and anyone interested in children and the arts within or beyond therapeutic contexts. Jo Salas holds a master’s degree in music therapy from New York University and was certified by the American Association for Music Therapy. She is also a pioneer of Playback Theatre, an original form of improvisation based on telling and enacting true stories. Her book Improvising Real Life: Personal Story in Playback Theatre was recently published in Chinese, its fifth translation.  “A fine accomplishment with an inspiring, yet usually overlooked, subject. Jo Salas has written a powerful testament to the raw power of artistic experience and the redemptive power of creative expression. She has the poet’s eye for telling detail, the playwright’s ear for the surprising (and hilarious) rich dialog, and the writer’s gift for capturing troubled children in elegant, beautiful portraits.”–Eric Booth, Founder of Juilliard's Art and Education Program, consultant to The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center Institute, and Tanglewood, and author of The Everyday Work of Art.  The Essential Moreno was first published by Springer Publishing Company in 1987 and has been a classic in the psychodrama literature since then, with numerous foreign-language editions. Tusitala is pleased to take over the publication of this important collection of excerpted writings of psychodrama’s legendary founder J. L. Moreno, including basic and advanced concepts and techniques, and verbatim transcripts of psychodrama sessions. Jonathan Fox, M.A., is the founder of Playback Theatre and the director of the Centre for Playback Theatre. A Fellow of the American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, he is a certified Trainer, Educator and Practitioner in psychodrama (T.E.P.).  He is the author of Acts of Service: Spontaneity, Commitment, Tradition in the Nonscripted Theatre. “It is not the usual book on psychiatry, psychotherapy, or psychopathology. It is a book about living, and the massive contribution of a true master.”–From the Foreword by Carl A. Whitaker, MD. To order books please go to or call 845 255 8163.