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Sharif Don't Like It

Shishir Kurup

Shishir Kurup is an actor, writer, director, composer born in Bombay, India raised in Mombasa, Kenya and the U.S. His one-man shows Assimilation and Sharif Don't Like It have been seen in countless cities and universities nationally and internationally including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Austin, London and Manchester, England. He is an ensemble member of the nationally renowned Cornerstone Theater Company based in Los Angeles. He has appeared in many television shows including, Lost, Heroes, Monk, Surface, Sleeper Cell, etc….

Check out the website for the trailer for the feature film of Sharif. (Click on Shows and Tickets then click on the large Sharif icon)


Praise for Kurup's other plays:

…a superb piece of passionate, irreverent, insightful writing.

Chris Jones – Chicago Tribune.

…has a Salman Rushdie-like fluency in cross-cultural, pop-cultural hijinks and a flair for highly ornamented, wildly comical linguistic flights.   

Hedy Weiss – Chicago Sun Times. 

…bold, smart, sardonic…

Kerry Reid – Chicago Reader.


Assimilation and Sharif: Running Time 70 mins.

Where & When

Date: October 13-18,2009


TUE Oct. 13th – 8pm

WED Oct. 14th – 8:30pm

FRI Oct. 16th – 8pm

SAT Oct. 17th – 9pm

SUN Oct. 18th – 4pm

Location: Theater for the New City (155 First Avenue at 10th Street) in Manhattan *(No Thursday night show)


Bahu-Beti-Biwi (Daughter-in-Law, Daughter, Wife)

Sheetal Gandhi

Sheetal Gandhi is an intercultural, interdisciplinary choreographer and performer.  She worked as a creator and performer in Cirque du Soleil's Dralion, was Co-Artistic Director of the California Contemporary Dancers in San Francisco, and was in the original Broadway cast of Bombay Dreams.  Sheetal is interested in creating a space that brings the many sides of her personality together: dramatic, wry, Indian, American, dancer, percussionist, abstract, chameleon, precise, impulsive, singer and storyteller.  She creates work that draws upon her interest in human behavior and seeks truths in the exploration of individual lives.  She draws on her strengths and successes from the subway platform to the Broadway stage to create work that blurs cultural and disciplinary boundaries, promoting intercultural understanding through artistic excellence.


…it is the combination of her technique, craft and analysis with whopping doses of emotion, intuition, and humanity that make Sheetal's work so powerful.

    David Roussève/REALITY


I saw this show in LA…IT IS AMAZING!   Anyone who has the opportunity to see it should jump at the chance!  

    Eva P.


Watch excerpts of Bahu-Beti-Biwi:

3-minute excerpt


Bahu-Beti-Biwi: 70 mins.

Where & When

Date: October 13-18, 2009


TUE Oct 13 – 7pm

THUR Oct 15 – 7pm

FRI Oct 16 – 9:30pm

SAT Oct 17 – 8:30pm

SUN Oct 18 – 3pm

Location: Theater for the New City (155 First Avenue at 10th Street) in Manhattan

*(No Wednesday night show)


Shishir and Sheetal’s performances are staggered so please come for one show and stay for the other.

I hope to see all of my NY and nearby friends there.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Thank you,



*Below are the special packages that are newly available.


Single ticket price ~ $18



Bahu-Beti-Biwi & Sharif Don't Like It/Assimilation ~ $27.00  Sheetal and Shishir package


10/13 performances of Bahu-Beti-Biwi & Sharif Don't Like It/Assimilation AND Opening Night Party ~ $45.00 Sheetal plus Shishir plus Party

10/13 performance of Sharif Don't Like It/Assimilation & 1 Ticket to Opening Night Party ~ $35.00 Shishir's show plus Party


10/13 performance of Bahu-Beti-Biwi & 1 Ticket to Opening Night Party ~ $35.00 Sheetal's show plus Party


By the way…the Opening Night Party deals also get you a free drink, appetizers, and a raffle ticket!  Whoo Hoo!!!