Dancing on the Edge- Confronting Dance from the Middle East A new view of an ancient region.

New images from the Middle East. This time not as we are used to seeing them, but through the eyes of dance and movement of artists who live and work in the region itself. In this festival they will present pieces that reflect the issues important to them and to their societies.

In Dancing on the Edge- Confronting Dance from the Middle East, a young generation of choreographers will show eleven contemporary dance performances from seven countries, including collaborations between Dutch and Middle Eastern dance artists. Their backgrounds, styles of working and degree of experience all vary greatly, but what unites them is their engagement as artists and their urgent need to express themselves through the medium of dance.

In addition to the performances, a program (OnEdge/Offstage) of debates, lectures, introductions and public conversations with the artists, as well as network and expert meetings will take place. A special edition of Cinedans will present dance films from the Middle East.