Middle East America:
A National New Plays Initiative
—————————————————————Golden Thread Productions (San Francisco)
Lark Play Development Center
 Silk Road Theatre Project
announce—————————————————————————————-Middle East America: National New Plays Initiative
The first national effort to actively cultivate and support the development of Middle Eastern-American playwrights and their plays.Middle East America will provide to a writer:
  •$10,000 commission to support
any play the selected writer wishes to write
•Developmental support from the
Lark Play Development Center

•Possible productions at
Golden Thread Productions or Silk Road Theatre Project.
About the Initiative…

"We are taking a proactive stance toward assuring that playwrights of Middle Eastern backgrounds receive the nurturing and support they so deserve.“
-Jamil Khoury, Silk Road’s Founding Artistic Director"It is critical in ensuring that Middle Eastern-American playwrights continue to be discovered, nurtured, and produced. Not only because their work is worthy of broader audiences, but more importantly because American audiences can no longer afford not to see this work."
Torange Yeghiazarian, Golden Thread Artistic Director   For  more information< span style="font-family: Verdana">