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Magdalena Events

Encuentro Internacional Argentina, 24 October – 3 November, Junín, Buenos Aires & Dolores

Magfest Torino, 25-27 Nov. Torino, Italy

Magfest Pescara, 4-8 January, Pescara, Italy

Tantidhatri, 7-15 March 2012, Trivandrum & Mumbai, India

Vertice Brasil, 8-15 July 2012, Florianópolis, Brasil

Transit VII, 22-31 March 2013, Holstebro, Denmark

A Group post has been created in group Magdalena Norway: Magdalena Norway in Bogota


We are in Bogota Colombia and yesterday celebrated the closing of our project with Patricia Ariza of CCT and a performance in the street with the giant puppet mask made by Deborah Hunt!


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Members' Events

XV Encuentro de Mujeres de Iberoamérica, 20-23 Oct., Cadiz

Estreno de CORPOS +Migraciones en la oscuridad, 22-23 Oct., Cadiz

The Voice Class, until 26 November, Brisbane

Workshops with Prapto Suryodarmo and Diane Butler, until 31 October, USA

La Diáspora, Entre Máscaras y Más-Caras, 26-29 Oct, Ecuador

Vestigia, Teatro delle Radici, 3-25 November, Switzerland

11:11:11 UpStage Festival, 10-12 November, online

A Rites of Passage Autumn School, 12-15 November, UK

Festival Voix de Femmes, 17-20 November, Belgium

Playmoves, 12-16 December, Brisbane


Members' News

WIN (Workout for Intercultural Navigators) 2012, Odin Teatret

KNOTS International Theatre Festival, Argentina, 2013 – call for proposals

Report on Afternoon Tea in Brisbane by Dawn Albinger

Red Min(e)d – Archive of (Trans)Yugoslav Feminist Art

Rwandan Playwright Wins International Award

Margaret Cameron's new web site

Women Playwrights International Conference 2012 – 2nd newsletter


Members' Groups

Funding for Festivals

Dear Magdalenas,

in Cardiff I made the proposal that we could look together for funding that could be shared across festivals, since collectively we are a big global network. I have created this group as a place to gather information and ideas, and to share the work of looking for funding.

Eugenia Cano

Religion: Theatre: a group where performance is analyzed mainly on the subjective experience of the practitioner. Interests include training body-mind-spirit, mental health, journaling, inner stories and outer dialogues.


The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre

El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo