CIDADE IN/ VISÍVEL, Rio de Janeiro, 20 Abril a 21 maio
NACL Training X-Change: Flamenco, 11 May, NY
Call for artwork by women artists, deadline May 14
Short & Girlie Free Workshop for women, Brighton, 15 May
Variedades Galiano, Habana Cuba, 30 de Mayo
Dell'Arte International Summer Workshops, USA & Amsterdam
Double Edge Theatre Fall Internship, USA (apply by 1 July)
Aluna Fundraising & Awards Night, Toronto, 24 June

Theatre Company Jerusalem - performances May-June

CUT Project / DE-FENCES, Theatre ENTROPIA, Athens, 15 May
Pantheatre Workshops, NYC, May 24 – June 5
Pantheatre Workshops, France, Summer 2010
PlayMoves workshop with Anna Yen, July 10-11, Brisbane
Theater of Peace Exhibition – Berlin and online

 "Taiko – Flamenco Duel", Bologna, Italy, 5 Maggio
Body Weather & Butoh workshop, Sydney, June 18-20
Taller Intensivo de Melodrama, B.A., junio/jueves
Workshop by Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Colombia, 7-12 Dec
W:MoRiA – Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina
Kozana (Susana) Lucca, †30 marzo 2010

Taller de Performance, Málaga, 3-7 mayo

Intercultural Workshop Festival For Theatre Practice, Italy

"Gordas" en Colombia, octubre

Bond Street Theatre selected Cultural Envoy to Myanmar
Live Red Art Awards and Festival

L'estro del narrare aprile, Roma, 22 aprile
"The Fury of the Gods", Susana Cook, NYC 27 April
Networking event for women in theatre, NYC, 28 April
Short & Girlie at Brighton Festival Fringe, 14-15 May
Double Edge Theatre Summer Intensive, 3-24 June, USA
"The House of the Spirits", Chile, June 3 – August

Sandra Duailibe BRASÍLIA – 50 ANOS DE MÚSICA 21-22 abril
PETA Summer Workshops begin, Philippines
Primer encuentro 2010.Magdalena 2a Generación, 1 de mayo
TAIKO KI – L'energia del Tamburo laboratorio, Rita Superbi, 2-5 May
Estreno Cuando los arboles susurran. Sevilla, 7 mayo
PETA wins 11 Awards

Magdalena Aotearoa Gathering, Saturday 5 June, Wellington
22nd International Laboratory of Teatro delle Radici – apply by 30 June
Boletín Magdalena abril 2010


"Seres Mariposa", Colombia, 10 de abril
YO OY YO, Chile, 27 de Marzo al 17 de Abril
Trilogía Mexicana, 22 de abril al 2 de mayo
TWTP: "Going To See The Elephant", April 22-May 16
Variedades Galiano, Habana Cuba, 23 de Abril al 30 de Mayo
Taller: Danza Contact Improvisación, Sevilla
The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo
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