Magdalena Events
Magdalena München, 5-7 June, Deutschland/Germany
Magdalena in Montepllier, 22-26 September, France
MULTICIDADE – Festival Internacional de Mulheres nas Artes Cénicas, Rio de Janiero, 31 October – 7 November 2015: English, Español and Português.
Members’ Events
Sewing Marat Sade, 6-8 April, Indonesia
Open call Verdecoprente residencies festival: deadline 24 March, festival August 24 – September 6, Italy
Anonimas dir. Julia Varley en Madrid, 23-26 April, Madrid
Looking for Lago di Lecco, Ceremonial Launch, 14 May, Berlin
FLIPT: Intercultural Festival Laboratory of Theatre Practices, 12-21 June, Italy
PIT Festival 2015, 16-20 June, Norway
The Secret Play to Compose, International Laboratory of Teatro delle Radici, 15-29 August, Switzerland
Members’ News
Next Applications at Odin Teatret
“Moveo Cie” selected for the Women Playwrights International Conference 2015
Prize for “Dada – an Essay in Movement”