Poland in Perspective: A Festival of Plays in New York

THE FILES. Photo by Robert Rabiej.

From October 22nd to November 30th, 59E59 Theaters will be ablaze with an exciting festival of Polish works never before seen in the U.S.Presented by 59E59 and the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, the festival features theU.S. premiere of playwright and filmmaker Przemyslaw Wojcieszek’s scabrous comedy Made in Poland (directed by Jackson Gay and produced by The Play Company), two one-act comedies by Michael Walczak, Sandbox (directed by Piotr Kruszcynski) and The First Time(directed by Marcy Arlin) produced by Immigrants’ Theatre Project, and the landmark Polish ensemble The Theatre of the Eighth Day’s docu-drama/archive of memory piece The Files. Although the city has seen Polish work before, what distinguishes this festival is the fact that all the works were written post-2000. Therefore, the festival represents the first attempt by a venue in New York to showcase a comprehensive introduction to contemporary Polish playwriting.

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