Listen! – International Day for Sharing Life Stories
                                      May 16th 2008

                                       A life-changing opportunity
                                 for people around the world to gather
     in homes, community halls, classrooms, public parks, theaters, auditoriums,
                     Web sites, e-mail exchanges, and virtual environments 
                                        to hear each other’s stories

A growing international movement of citizens and practitioners views listening, collecting and sharing life stories as a critical process in democratizing culture and promoting social change.
This day is dedicated to celebrating and promoting Life Story projects that are making a difference within neighborhoods, communities, and societies.

What to do for
Friday, May 16th 2008

1.  Choose a way to gather people to share their stories where you live or work:

•  Story Circles in homes, workplaces, schools, community centers, virtual environments
•  Public open microphone performances of personal stories
•  Exhibitions of Stories in public venues, as image, text, and audio-visual materials
•  Celebratory events to honor local storytellers, practitioners and organizations
•  Open houses for organizations with a life story sharing component
•  Online simultaneous gatherings, postings, and story exchanges
•  Print, Radio and Television broadcast programming on life stories, and documentaries that feature oral histories and story exchanges

2.  Invite diverse youth and adults

3.  Register your activity
•  Send e-mail to .
•  A worldwide calendar of events for the May 16-18 weekend will be gathered.
•  Calendar listings will appear on a dedicated Web site, along with a map of the participating organizations.


View Organizations and Individuals who support the International Day for Sharing Life Stories:
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SPONSOR ORGANIZATIONS – Two generous, creative grassroots groups are organizing this historic day:

Museum of the Person – Sao Paolo, Brazil
The Museum of the Person is an international network of virtual museums of life stories, located in Brazil, Canada, the USA and Portugal.
Their mission is to contribute to make every person´s life story valued by society.

Center for Digital Storytelling – Berkeley, California, USA
The Center trains people and organizations, while developing projects with digital media that help people tell meaningful stories from their lives.

They also serve as an international clearinghouse of information and resources about storytelling and new media.

Register your activity now with e-mail to

A story is the shortest distance between people.   – Pat Speight

An enemy is one whose stories we have not heard.   – Ms. Gene Knudsen-Hoffman

Storytelling can change a room. It can change lives. It can change the world.  – Gwenda LedBetter