The following artists will be leading workshops at La MaMa Umbria 2017, this Summer in Spoleto. Umbria 2017: International Symposium for Directors.
Symposium Session One
▪ July 17 – July 31
Tamar Rogoff (USA)
Body Scripting for Directors
Andrea Adriatico (Italy)
Documentary Theatre and Film
Chiara Guidi (Italy)
The “Presence” in Representation
Caden Manson (USA)
Digital Devising for Contemporary Performance
Symposium Session Two
▪ August 2 – August 16
Motus: Enrico Casagrande / Daniela Nicolò (Italy)
Furious Diaspora: Theatre Exploring Human Journeys
Moisés Kaufman (Venezuela/USA)
Introduction to Moment Work
Lee Brock (USA)
Encouraging Spontaneity with Actors
Sam Trubridge (New Zealand)
Curating Spatial Design for the Director
Umbria 2017: International Playwright Retreat will be facilitated by Erik Ehn (August 18 – 28)
Writing and Stillness
Immediate writing. Writing as a process of contemplation-in-action, the balance of reflection and construction. Come with nothing and follow through on a thorough gesture. Participants are asked to arrive with a clean slate, and over the course of the workshop, writers will move to a draft of a script, or cycle of poems, or set of drawings, dances…”