La MaMa Umbria 2016

For more information and application forms: La MaMa Umbria website

International Directors’ Symposium

Symposium Session One

▪ July 11 – July 25

Lee Breuer and Maude Mitchell
Mabou Mines: From Idea to Execution
Basil Twist
Challenging the Idea of What Puppets Can Do
Sanjoy Ganguly
Scripting Play instead of Playing the Script
Nube Sandoval/Bernardo Rey
Theatre as Bridge

Symposium Session Two

▪ July 27 – August 10

Marianne Weems
Theater for the 21st Century
Yoshiko Chuma
Shifting Concepts from Brain to Bone
Elia K. Schneider
The Dimension of Image in the Theater Art Work
Tian Mansha
Chinese Opera Technique for Contemporary Performance

Playwright Retreat

▪ August 12 – 22

Mac Wellmanfacilitator

Next Generation: New Performance Development Incubator

August 25 – September 4, 2016
Intensive residential retreat for young theatre and dance creators (under 35 years old).

La MaMa Umbria’s Spoleto Festival Tour

July 2 – 12, 2016
Experience the best of world music, dance and theatre with several performances during the Festival.


I want to reiterate what a fantastic experience La Mama Umbria was last summer. Everything about it was perfect, from the food, to the extra excursions, to the wonderful people and incredibly stimulating workshops, to the magic of the place itself. – Joanna Gerdy, 2015

I just spent two incredible weeks at La Mama International in Umbria, Italy with some of the greatest artists I’ve ever met. A truly transformative and cathartic experience. Every actor, writer and director worked so hard, and shared so much of themselves that it heightened the entire experience. The location was picturesque and two weeks of the best food of my life. – Don Cabreana, 2015

I’m so much happy and confident and I know that La MaMa had so much to do with this! It was such a healing and creative experience!! I really don’t have words to describe the incredible time I had there! – Ines Braun, 2015

For more information and application forms: La MaMa Umbria website