“It's All in the Family!”

Five weeks of performances that take a penetrating and entertaining look at families
— both traditional and non-traditional.
A rich examination of ways we negotiate expectations, identity and legacy.
July 5 – August 8, 2010 on the Amherst College campus in Amherst, MA

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July 9 – 11 (Fri. & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 4pm) 
with Gregory Ramos (Vermont)

In this theatrical tour de force, directed by Joseph Megel, Ramos transmutes into over a dozen characters — male, female, young and old, in order to share the perspectives and stories of those who laid the foundation and created the changes that have lead to domestic partnerships, civil unions, and (at least in some states) gay marriage.

Ramos, who is perhaps best known for BORDER STORIES, his piece about LGBT Chicanos living in El Paso, Texas; Juarez, Mexico; and Las Cruces, NM, is basing this new work the interviews he has done with LGBT/queer people from the Stonewall era.


Ramos notes “We have lost and are close to losing the very people who fought, rallied, and resisted the social structures that once made queerness a crime, a mental disease, and caused us to lie about who we are to ourselves and to the world.” This new work is a celebrations of lives that once seemed impossible, and defines new struggles for self-definition and self-determination, as these pioneers confront age and aging.


"I didn’t come out ‘til I was in my late 60s. You try getting a date with a hot good looking guy when you’re 68! And the abuse you get from younger people in the bars or on the internet . . ."

July 16 – 18 (Fri. & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 4pm) 
with Quest Productions (Washington, DC)

No talk – all movement! This high-flying, fanciful interpretation of
 Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland, is an example of the “Visual Theater” in which Quest Productions of Washington, DC specializes. The production is equally accessible to those who are deaf, hard of hearing or those not fluent in English, and features a talented ensemble of deaf and hard-of-hearing and hearing actors. 

In their interpretation of this classic, we follow a young girl’s journey as she tries to find “her way” – through a forest filled with remarkable and strange creatures and through her equally confusing life at home. 

In a year when we've been forced to think a lot about how young girls, in particular, do and don't fit into our community, and about cultural difference, isolation and bullying, I think this particular take on Alice in Wonderland can play a key part in our ongoing dialogue on the subject.
The post-show dialogues for ALICE are sure to be provocative!"
— Ko Festival Artistic Director, Sabrina Hamilton

“avant-garde theatre for the whole family.” 
— The Baltimore Sun

July 18 (at 8pm, ONE SHOW ONLY!) 
with the Mettawe River Theatre Company (NYC)

Originally produced in 1997, this piece is a revival of one of their most-beloved pieces. It is drawn from the Iroquois creation tale, which begins as the Sky Woman falls from the spirit world and lands on the back of a turtle.

The production will incorporate a large group of extraordinarily crafted puppets representing the spirits and creatures of a young world before the arrival of humans.  The production will be performed out under the stars in a landscape permeated with live music, song and a spirit of celebration.

Performed on the Amherst College Observatory Lawn off of Snell St.
Bring blankets and lawn chairs, but leave the pets at home! Tickets are $8 Adults / $5 Children under 12.
No reservations necessary. Rain Space: Amherst College's Holden Theatre. 
ASL-INTERPRETED for the deaf & hard-of-hearing.

2010 is Mettawee's 35th Anniversary season & the 18th time they have appeared at Ko!

July 23 – 25 (Fri. & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 4pm) 
with Erika Batdorf (Toronto)

Meet Marti, a creative writing professor at the brink of walking out on her life. In the midst of a lecture she falls apart and begins to expose her struggle to balance writing, motherhood and academia. Marti is passionate, inappropriate and desperate for answers as she challenges her students to examine what is truly radical.

Meet Kathryn, Marti’s sister. Paralyzed with multiple sclerosis, she dares you to imagine desire in the context of eternity, the craving for things you will never have — like chocolate . . .

And meet their mother, a spunky, ruffian of a guardian angel who has no idea how to guide her daughters. 

The work includes a tapestry of poetry by
Yeats, Blake, Kerouac, Tahirih (an Iranian poetess who was killed in the 1840’s), Oliver, Ginsberg, Baudelaire, Pound, Wilde, Plath, Eliot and Artaud. Join us to enter a funny, magical world where poetry is edible and ruffian angels describe paradise.

The recipient of 3 DORA AWARD (Canada) nominations – for "Outstanding New Play or Musical," "Outstanding Performance by a Female" and "Outstanding Direction

July 30 – Aug. 1 (Fri. & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 4pm) 
with Sara Felder (San Francisco/Philadelphia)

Back after her hit at Ko last summer with OUT OF SIGHT, Felder brings us the story of a traditional Jewish lesbian wedding . . . with juggling! 

Meet the blissful brides on their first date, the reluctant parents, and the ageless spirit of the Jewish tradition. The questions are deep: Will their parents attend the wedding? Will their marriage be accepted by the Jewish faith? Will the brides both wear wedding gowns? JUNE BRIDE has delighted audiences in nearly 30 cities in North America and Europe featuring juggling balls, sharp knives, a crystal ball, and, we hope, a strait jacket escape.

"Felder is a master story-teller and social satirist whose gentle but incisive humor recalls Lily Tomlin or Jerry Seinfeld — if they could juggle.”  
— Santa Cruz Sentinel

“Whoever thought a dyke with three balls could rival Chagall for lyricism?”
— Bay Area Reporter

August 6 – 8 (PLEASE NOTE: All shows at 6:30)
ArtSpot Productions & Mondo Bizarro  

Direct from NEW ORLEANS, and more timely than we could ever have wished — a howl to the world about the precarious state of Louisiana's wetlands & the interconnectedness of land, family legacy & culture. 

LOUP GAROU is about wild and dangerous entity (some say a werewolf) deeply anchored in the folk traditions of southern Louisiana. His story comes from France through Acadia down the Mississippi to Louisiana. Part performance, part ritual, these two passionate theater ensembles, thathave been on the frontlines since Hurricane Katrina, invite you to join them as they sing a song of love and hope for their precarious homeland.

Performed with live Cajun music. Outside, as the sun sets.

“…a great creative work of anger, caution and imagination.”
— Louisiana reviewer, David Cuthbert


The entertaining and thought-provoking works at Ko invariably leave many audience members eager to share their experiences and ideas. Therefore, we host facilitated discussions with the audience after every performance.

All indoor performances take place in the Holden Theatre on the Amherst College campus, which is located right behind the Admissions Office off of South Pleasant Street in Amherst, MA. The Holden Theatre is air-conditioned, completely accessible, and there is free parking. Ther
e are reasonably priced accommodations and numerous restaurants nearby.

The two outdoor productions, THE WOMAN WHO FELL FROM THE SKY (Sunday 7/18 at 8 p.m.) and LOUP GAROU (8/6 – 8/8 at 6:30 p.m. – timed with the sun!) take place on the Amherst College Observatory Lawn off of Snell Street.

Except for the Mettawee show, all ticket prices are Adults $20/Students & Seniors $16. There are also very limited number of $8 tickets available EXACTLY 1 hour before curtain. Call for details, and also about our"Passes & Posses" programs.

The box office opens July 5. (413) 542-3750. For information or to make reservations prior to the opening of the box office, visit, email or call (413) 427-6147. 


Places are still available in our workshops which are held Mon.- Sat. from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on the Amherst College Campus; at artist-friendly prices, with housing and room & board available for out-of-towners! 

Note that there are discounts for members of NET, TCG companies, ATHE and all returning workshop students! We also have a limited pool of financial aid.  

Some of these workshops are likely to sell out, so reserve your spot today!

July 13 – 18
DEVISED THEATER: Story Circle & Song as Source
with Mondo Bizarro Artistic Director Nick Slie (New Orleans), & President of the Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET)

Whether you think you can sing or not, whether you think you have a story to tell, this workshop is for you.  — A creative voyage that explores the dynamic possibilities of story, song and movement to generate new performance work.

July 26 – 31
EGOLESS ACTORS: A Puppetry Intensive
with Eric Bass & Ines Zeller Bass of Sandglass Theater (Putney, VT)
– teaching techniques developed in over 20 years of workshops in the US and abroad.   Daily sessions will include breath development with relation to puppet performance, training in manipulation technique and its relation to artistic statement, and training and discussion in theory and aesthetics. 

August 2 – 7 
(or – The Art of Juggling the Truth) with world-renowned juggler & solo theater artist Sara Felder 
A repeat of last summer's life-changing workshop on developing performance material from your life – using objects, character work, monologues and humor.


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All best wishes,
Sabrina Hamilton
Artistic Director
Ko Festival of Performance

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