Dear Friends, Colleagues and Artistic Associates,
In a year when we all seem to need a good laugh, this summer's 18th Annual KO FESTIVAL OF PERFORMANCE will offer a season on the theme of "THAT'S FUNNY!" / "THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" Join us on the Amherst College campus in Amherst, MA as we investigate what genuinely makes us laugh, and why, and also what goes too far (or not far enough).
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Would you like to stretch your creativity in a supportive environment? Immerse yourself in art? Meet a really interesting group of people, half of whom are local and half of whom come from all over the country? Join us for one or more of our series of 6-day WORKSHOPS with expert teachers who are adept at gearing their classes of all levels of experience. Past participants have ranged in age from 18 to 80. 

July 13 – 18
DRAMATIC FOOLERY: The Paradox of Comic Acting 
with Lecoq grad Drew Richardson (aka Drew the Dramatic Fool)
In an effort to provoke deeper laughter, it’s often the case that the more serious you are, the funnier you are. No irony, no wackiness, just you, trying your imperfect best in absurdly real situations. In this workshop, Drew will guide the participants with tragically comic exercises using clown, mask, and movement to express their own dramatic foolishness and then use what they learn to create character-based theatrical comedy. For people who don’t think they are funny, actors who want to be funnier, or anyone who wants to explore sincerely playful creative problem solving.
July 20 – 25
with actor, writer & Dell 'Arte Ensemble member David Ferney
An exploration of what is funny as a tool for creating new performance.  Using clown, mask and absurdist theatre to find the comic in our often to serious world, Mr. Ferney will lead the class through an exploration of what is funny.  Through exercises and explorations workshop participants will be encouraged to “find the funny” and develop a sense of play for creating interesting comic characters and generating new material.
July 27 – August 1 
(or – The Art of Juggling the Truth)
with world-renowned juggler & solo theater artist  Sara Felder
A workshop on developing performance material from our own lives using objects, character work, monologues and humor.  We will write, try on different performance styles, create images, play with objects, investigate characters, consider different narrative voices, find the humor in the pain (and vice versa) experiment, fail, laugh and surprise ourselves.  Use this workshop to generate material for a solo performance. Emphasize the use of performance to say something important, and, if we’re lucky, to amuse (or shmooze or cruise) the Muse. 

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Sabrina Hamilton
Artistic Director
Ko Festival of Performance
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