Kathmandu International Theatre Festival 2008

 Gurukul: School of Theatre proudly announces Kathmandu International Theatre Festival 2008.  The festival will be held from 11-25, November 2008. 

Gurukul: School of Theatre has successfully organized various national and international festivals. Recently held Ibsen International Theatre Festival saw extremely provocative and bold adaptation of Ibsen's plays by participants from Norway, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

 Further encouraged by the success of the past festivals, Gurukul is organizing the Kathmandu International Theatre Festival. It aims to provide a community environment for artistes from all over the world to showcase their work.  We look forward to welcome you to Kathmandu! Guidelines for Kathmandu International Theatre Festival 2008: 1. The play could be in any language. 2. There is no theme for festival. 3. The play could be by any author, any theme or improvised. 4. The play could be musical, drama or any kind. 5. Maximum 15 participants from one group/company (including actors and technicians) 6. Please provide: ·         A brief introduction of the group/company ·         A brief introduction of the playwright ·         A brief introduction of the director ·         Synopsis of the play (words?) ·         Cast and credit (On stage and off stage) ·         Photographs of the play ·         Photograph of the playwright ·         Photograph of the director ·         Logo of the group/company ·         Stage set plan and requirement  ·         Light plan and requirement ·         Properties and requirement ·         Other requirements 7. Gurukul will take care of all local hospitalities; food, accommodation and local travel.  8. Gurukul will not bear the international travel cost. 9. The deadline of application is 31 May 2008. 

Please contact your Embassy and Consulates in Kathmandu for funding possibilities.


Please submit the information & inquiry to:


Sunil Pokharel

Gurukul Scho
ol of Theatre

Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: (977-1-) 2101332/4466956 Email: gurukul@wlink.com.np 

Website: www.aarohantheatre.org