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A message to all members of Peace and Collaborative Development Network

Recently, the Peace and Collaborative Networking site's membership reached over 16,700. There are currently members from over 190 countries 
around the world. Experiences and backgrounds of individuals on the 
site range from undergraduate students in North America, Africa, Latin 
America, Asia, the Mid-East, mid to senior level professionals in 
development, conflict resolution, human rights, social entrepreneurship, 
etc. working in all regions of the world and scholars/academics.

The success of this site largely rests on your initiative. Thank you to 
everyone who has participated in discussions, started their own blogs, 
added resources (pictures, videos, syllabi, etc.) to date. To help 
further develop the site please take a few minutes to assist with any of 
the following (in particular invite your friends and colleagues who 
might be interested in the site):

  • Add New Resources – Feel free to add picturesvideos, and other resources (syllabi, curricula, etc.)
  • Start Your Own Blog – Pick a topic that you have been thinking about and put down some of your thoughts.
  • Contribution to a Discussion – Start a New Discussion topic and or contribution to a existing Discussion in the Forums Section.
  • Invite Your Colleagues to Join– You can invite your colleagues directly from the site by clicking on the Invite Page. Note you can also import your e-mail contact books directly from yahoo, 
    Google, etc. by clicking on invite, add from address book and import 
    more contacts. If everyone would invite 10 colleagues this would help 
    the site to rapidly grow.
  • Provide Suggestions for how to Improve the Site (new ideas, materials, etc.).
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Peace and Collaborative Development Network

New Free Professional and Academic Networking Site in Conflict Resolution, Peace Studies, Human 
Rights, International Development, Gender, Civil Society Development, 
and more

This is an invitation to join Peace and Collaborative Development Network ( , an online initiative to bring together professionals, academics and 
students involved in Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, International 
Development, Democratization, Social Entrepreneurship and related 

The network fosters interaction between individuals and organizations 
around the world and currently has over 16,700 members. The site is a 
terrific networking tool where you can find local and international 
partners and practitioners, share resources (including scholarships in 
the field), find guides to careers, internships, funding, scholarships, 
IT Resources, and exchange best practices. Discussion topics and 
personal blogs can be posted. The site also has a video section where 
members can access and view videos related to the field.

Becoming a member is fast, easy and free. Please, take a minute to visit and explore the network.


Visit Peace and Collaborative Development Network at: