TEH Meeting 76 

Engine Room Europe Platform 5
La Friche La Belle de Mai (Marseille, France)
28 Nov – 1 Dec 2013

We are delighted to welcome you all to TEH meeting 76, which will take place at La Friche La Belle de Mai in the heart of the legendary Mediterranean seaport of Marseille – the perfect place to gather activists and artists from North Africa, the Middle East and Europe to share experiences and start new collaborations.


Twenty-five artists and cultural operators from Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey will be guests at TEH meeting 76 to give inspirational examples of how they work in independent culture under harsh conditions and to share their stories of how culture actions can lead to social change and a more open society.

Through vivid panel discussions, exclusive one-to-one sessions, focus groups and joint dinners you will have a unique opportunity to discuss and learn about alternative methods of working and meet potential partners from beyond the borders of Europe.

TEH Meeting 76 will also be the occasion to celebrate the 30 glorious years of the network.  You don't want to miss out on the big anniversary party on the Saturday night!

Looking forward to see you all at La Friche in November!

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The Theme
Preliminary programme

The Host and the City
Accommodation, Registration fee & Payment

How to get there!

The Theme and Programme

The Trans Europe Halles network is made up of independent art spaces in Europe where local people and artists work and interact. The common characteristic of these art spaces is that they have all been established in a decentralised way and are initiated by citizens. Many of the members in TEH still struggle with getting recognition for their work and proper funding. In the Arab world similar problems are felt. Independent artists and cultural operators have difficulties in being recognized as such. Issues of independence and inter-dependence are recurrent, be they linked to institutional or new forms of funding. Both the Arab Spring and the crisis in Europe are drastically changing the systems of our societies. 


This meeting will be an excellent occasion to take stock of the current situation and examine the transformations at work both in Europe and the Arab world. What effects is this having on the place of culture and arts in our societies (artistic independence, inclusion, generational dynamics, mobility and connectivity, new partnership models, and artistic autonomy…)? What is our role both as individuals and as organisations? Can the cultural sector speak with a united voice?


The theme will be tackled by two interactive panels and by an exciting artistic speed dating session where you will have the opportunity to talk one-to-one with specially invited guests from the Middle East. Meet the director of the Temple Independent Theatre Company, Ahmed El Attar, from Egypt and Ouafa Belgacem from Tunis, the General secretary of Arterial Network and many more.  During your stay you will also have the chance to meet with upcoming young artists from the Mediterranean world and discover contemporary performing art based on a collaboration between Arab countries and France, the exciting result of a two year long European project led by La Friche.  More information on the evening program, panels and guests will come soon.


The Host: La Friche La Belle de Mai

La Friche La Belle de Mai is an old Tobacco factory situated just by the train station in the city centre of Marseille. In 1992 it was turned into a multidisciplinary culture centre. Today La Friche is one of the biggest spaces for culture in the region with its 150,000 visitors per year and contains concerts halls, theatres, an excellent restaurant and a skateboard park. Recently they’ve opened a new rooftop gallery and garden with an outstanding view over Marseille. La Friche has been a member of Trans Europe Halles for more than 15 years.


The City: Marseille 

Marseille is the oldest and second biggest city in France with its 850,000 inhabitants. Marseille has always been one of the most important seaports of the Mediterranean Sea and used to be a quite rough city. Today it has transformed into a vibrant multicultural city full of art and exciting places to visit. This year, 2013, Marseille is the European Capital of Culture and is full of ambitious cultural initiatives, like a new art museum on the waterfront. For those of you who stay for the Sunday there will be a lot of opportunity to explore the city.



Practical stuff

Accommodation, registration and payment

The fee you will be invoiced includes all programme activities, accommodation, lunch and dinner Thursday–Saturday, coffee, tea and snacks.

Price for TEH Members and Friends

Meeting Fee €90 

Single room in hotel €70/night incl. breakfast
Shared room in hotel €40/night incl. breakfast
Sunday excursion 15€

Price for Guests
Meeting Fee €160

Single room in hotel €70/night incl. breakfast 

Shared room in hotel €40/night incl. breakfast
Sunday excursion 15€

Please note that the price per night is for the meeting dates only (Wednesday-Monday). 


We have reserved rooms for all participants at three hotels. Please choose one of them. All hotels are at the same cost but have different advantages. If you want to keep the cost down try to find someone to share a room with.  When you have registered for the meeting, you must e-mail Antonia at La Friche to book your room arestemeier@lafriche.org 


Please register and book your hotel as soon as possible to get the hotel of your choice. Read more about the hotels here!

To see a map of Marseille with location of the hotels, click here!


1) Adagio Marseille St: Charles

Tel (+33) 4/91075500



St: Charles is situated just next to the train station (where the airport bus also arrives) and 5 minutes walk from La Friche La Belle de Mai. This is the a perfect choice if you want to be close to the meeting and the transportation system


2) Adagio Marseille Vieux Port

Tel (+33) 4/96116700



Adagio Marseille Vieux Port is situated in the city centre close to the Old harbor. The distance by foot to La Friche is approximately 20 minutes but there is also public transport. This is the perfect choice if you want to be close to the vibrant nightlife of Marseille


3) Adagio Access Marseille Prado Périer

Tel (+33) 4/96208900







All lunches and dinners will be served at the restaurant at La Friche called Les Grandes Tables. They will serve us themed Arabic food as well as traditional French cuisine. There will be a focus on vegetarian food but please let us know your preferences and food allergies when you register. 


How to get there

Marseille has a big international airport, which you can reach from most places in Europe. Sometimes it’s cheaper and easier to fly to Nice or Lyon and reach Marseille by car or train from there. Another possibility is to go through Paris. The fast train, TGV, only takes three hours. If you come to Marseille airport the best way to get into the city is to take the Navette bus that leaves for the Central Station in Marseille every 15 minutes. 


Please read more on how to get to Marseille here!

Please read more on how to get around in Marseille here!



Maja Lindquist
 (meeting coordinator)


+46 (0) 7036151