Newsletter October  2008



Dear friends and colleagues,
AKT-ZENT can start its new theatre season with good news. Together with our Eurpeam partners we will conduct during the next two-years the intercultural theatre research project “The Art of Dialogue”, supported by the European Commission. It will consist of open Seminars, Masterclasses for teaching and directing in co-operation with European Academies, Laboratories and Colloquia. At the Summer Academy scheduled for July in Italy 2009 we will work on the same theme. Make a mental note of it! You will receive all information and dates in time.

The 32th World Congress of the International Theater Institute / UNESCO
took place from 22nd to 28th of September 2008 in Madrid. The Theatre Education & Training Committees confirmed AKT-ZENT as its Research Centre and valued highly the work of the last two years. The European Projekt is now part of its agenda and will find hereby further distribution and attention.
Furthermore we like to draw your attention to the upcoming seminars in Berlin:

The Vertical of the Role
Seminar for Actors
Berlin 27th of October – 11th of November 2008
Led by Christine Schmalor

Introduction into a method for the actor's self-preparation
The working method „The Vertical of the Role” proposes in detailed steps how you can meet a new personnage and how you can prepare yourself for the first rehearsal and for the meeting with the director on equal footing.
The encounter with a new role is an exciting and intimate moment. A moment one does not know, if it will become a life-long friendship or not. In any case you should keep this moment for yourself not handing it over the hands of a director.
This moment when the personnage and the actor are meeting each other is a special process full of secrets – something new and unique might appear. It is close to an alchemical process. It is an art to lead it. This art is the object of our seminar.
Working material : Schiller Maria Stuart and Don Carlos
Teaching language : English, on stage : your mother tongue
Seminar fee : 270 €    Last open places !

In January is a chance to work with Jurij Alschitz in Berlin – please apply soon – limited number of participation !

Seminar in two parts for directors, acting teachers, pedagogues and actors
Part I  – The Art of Analysis / Part II –  The Art of Rehearsal

15. – 23. January & 26. January – 3. February 2009
Artistic direction: Prof. Dr. Jurij Alschitz

This seminar is a unique opportunity for theatre practitioners from all over Europe to gain insight into the research process of EATC, following the traditional line of K. Stanislavsky – M. Knebel – A.
Vasiliew leading to the actual research of Jurij Alschitz. 
The analysis at the table and the rehearsal on stage are not just two procedures which follow each other in chronological order, but two different ways to approach the material illuminating the parallel life of text and action. In the discussion we find out one thing, on stage something different.

Application procedure: Please send us your CV and a written application.
We will inform you as soon as possible whether you have been accepted. A place will be reserved after the first payment of  120 euro (registration fee, non-refundable) has been made. Subsequently you will receive the material for preparation.  Since the seminar needs your  intensive preparation, we recommend early registration. The number of places is limited.
It is possible to participate in either one or two parts of the seminar.
The teaching language:  English
Tuition fee: one part 320 Euro, two parts 580 Euro
Training during one seminar 70 Euro, for both 100 Euro

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