Introducing: Fresh Arts Coalition Europe

Fresh Arts Coalition Europe (FACE) is an international network of arts organisations that supports, promotes and informs on emerging, socially engaged, contemporary cross-disciplinary art forms. It covers fresh and ground-breaking practices such as creation in public space, site-specific arts, community and participatory projects, live art, physical and visual theatre, contemporary circus and puppetry.

FACE makes accessible its expertise, facilitates the sharing of knowledge and knowhow, and encourages new partnerships within Europe and with the rest of the world. With 37 members from 19 countries, the network operates as a dynamic forum for ideas, experiences and professional exchanges, supporting its members and emerging creative professionals. 

FACE contributes to preparing a sustainable future for the promoters working in new artistic trends, by building bridges between its members, creating networking opportunities and enhancing the visibility of their good practices in order to encourage the making and the access to hybrid performing arts forms, created indoor and outdoor.