Introducing Asymptote

I'm writing today to introduce all of you to Asymptote (, an online journal of literature that has published new work from 95 countries in 67 languages, by the best authors of our time such as J.M. Coetzee, Michael Hofmann, Lydia Davis, Herta Müller, David Mitchell and César Aira. In 2012, we were nominated Magazine of the Year next to The London Review of Books.

We're pretty unique in that we have a drama section, edited since April 2011 by Obie award-winning Caridad Svich. It's a pity that not more drama lovers know about us because our magazine, which is assembled by editors from 27 countries, is entirely free. If you have a moment, here is a lovely animated introduction ( that brings you up to speed on what we do.

We're currently trying to get word out of our fundraising campaign (, which was just launched less than a week ago. There are many exciting perks that we're giving away, from designer AsympTotes to literary care packages. The money that we raise will go towards keeping the magazine free to all readers; holding the second edition of our international translation contest (; organizing more international events to promote world literature (; and finally, developing an educational arm, so that teachers everywhere can incorporate Asymptote into their lesson plans and cultivate a love for world literature in the next generation of readers.

 Just this year alone, to promote world literature, we gave away three thousand dollars to the six winners picked out of the hundreds of emerging translators who participated in our inaugural translation contest. We organized fourteen events on four continents (you can find all their photos, videos and podcast recordings here), and started a "New in Translation" series on our blog, where we review the latest titles published each month. There remains much more that we can do for global literature on a platform that has already attracted so much attention.

 Do check out our campaign and, if our little magazine speaks to you, please donate what you can, and help to spread the word! Our fundraiser ends on 18 December, but the earlier you lend us your wonderful support, the more momentum you’ll help create.

Lee Yew Leong

Editor-in-Chief, Asymptote