A message to all members of The International Theatre Network

Dear Members,

In 2 weeks we have gathered over 130 artists from 24 countries…

Our goals:
1. You will be inspired by work worldwide, and that work will inform your own – wherever you are.
2. You will connect with like-minded artists, share ideas, and support one another.
3. You will invite others to the network so they can be supported.
4. When you travel, you will have contacts worldwide.

Suggestions on Networking:
1. Discover the power of “hello.” Comment on how others are using theatre to better the world.  Or send a private message.
2. Visit the forum, ask questions, & respond to those reaching out.
3. Share information about what is happening in your community.

Finally, we bring focus to artists you may want to reach out to:

Natalia Koliada – Belarus Free Theatre  (http://globaltheatre.ning.com/profile/NataliaKoliada) From American Theatre Mag: "But E.U. [European Union] and the States [U.S.] make just statement, but no real sanctions. I think, the sanctions will come into force only if we are killed right in the street. It is absolutely terrible. Two our assistants to director of the Free Theatre are arrested. People are severely beaten up. Your support really help us to continue our fight, but we are not sure for how long time we will have our strengths." http://www.tcg.org/publications/at/mayjune09/belarus.cfm

Jerry Snell (http://globaltheatre.ning.com/profile/JerrySnell)
“With a permanent base on the border of Burma in Thailand working with Karen refugees and orphans, Circus Action International is collaborating with Phare Ponleu Selpak and its festivals in Cambodia, expanding to Laos […] for the 1st International Dance/ Hip Hop Festival and also partnering with Clowns without Borders for recent tours in the Earthquake affected region of Sichuan China […]. We are hoping to set up our second permanent base in Chengdu […] to assist the millions left homeless from the Sichuan Earthquake.”

Happy Networking!

~Carrie Klewin, Founder ITN

Visit The International Theatre Network at: http://globaltheatre.ning.com