CPRACSIS International Theatre Conference on
Body, Space and Technology in Performance
15 & 16 January 2010

The practice of theatre in twenty first century envisages radical
interventions into the conceptualizations of performing bodies and
performance spaces. ‘Technology’ in a broader and intensely
philosophical sense has a pivotal role in organizing performing bodies and
defining performance spaces in almost all contemporary theatre forms and
traditions. The proposed international theatre conference intends to
interrogate the complex interrelationship between performing bodies and
performance spaces in theatre in our time. It also attempts to
theoretically locate technology within the purview of ‘performance’ and
to interpret the practice of theatre in the context of technologies of
self. In a nutshell, this international conference attempts to address
questions of bodies in performance, performance spaces and technology and
performance in all theatre forms and approaches such as contemporary
performance art, classical theatres, folk performances, solo performances,
community based theatres, puppetry, theatres of diaspora, political
theaters, feminist and queer performances, dance and multimedia
performances. Theatres in Asia in the context of technology and
performance practice will be one of the thrust areas of the conference.
CPRACSIS invites proposals of original research papers, posters,
presentations and panels on topics related to the conference themes
mentioned above for the international theatre conference on 15 and 16
January 2010. The conference will be held at CPRACSIS, Thrissur, Kerala,


The time limit for presentation in the conference is 30 minutes including
discussion in the main sessions and 20 minutes in the Research Forum.
Endnotes and bibliographic citations should follow the MLA Manual of Style.
Only one paper per author will be accepted for presentation in the
conference’s research sessions, and at least one author for each paper
must be at the conference in order to present the paper. All proposals are
subject to peer review.


The last date of submission of 250 words proposals is October 1st, 2009.
Abstracts should be submitted with the following information and in this
order: a) author(s), b) affiliation, c) email address, d) telephone
numbers, e) title of abstract, f)body of abstract. Panel proposals should
contain the panel title, possible participants and their affiliation and
e-mail addresses, and a description of the panel’s subject.
Please use plain text (Times Roman 12) for the submission of abstracts and
abstain from using footnotes and any special formatting. We will
acknowledge the receipt of all abstracts submitted and inform the authors
about acceptance by October 5th , after the peer review process.
Kindly send the proposals to director@cpracsis.org or
cpracsis@gmail.com on or before October 1, 2009. Further details regarding
conference fee, travel and accommodation will be available in the
cpracsis.org website soon.


C.S. Biju Ph.D. Conference Coordinator
Thrissur, Kerala, India. 680001
Phone 09446230003, 09895320279