January/13/2014 – March/03/2014

The project is open to performers from different parts of the world with professional stage experience, creating in various genres, techniques and styles.

The creative team will consist of representatives from various professional backgrounds with different areas of expertise in performing arts – actors, dancers, choreographers, directors, film and video makers from different countries. The Lab mission is to create the fascinating encounter of different arts in multicultural and multilingual artistic environment and to encourage participants to go beyond what they already know or are used to apply in their work inspired by this unique collaboration. The project allows artists of various disciplines to step beyond their usual practice, to be mutually complementary in creative process and to create new forms and formats of artistic expression relying on this unique connection. 

As the result of the Lab collaboration the performance will be created on the stage of Russian Repertory Drama Theatre. 


– To provide unique international space stimulating actor's creativeness;

– To create conditions for new experience of creative collaboration in multicultural and multilingual theatre environment;

– To inspire the performers to search for the universal “intercultural” language in contemporary performance;

– To enable artists to explore the infinite possibilities of the actor’s psycho-physical instrument, to step beyond the limits of habitual text-based acting;

– To provide a safe place for creative risks and challenging environment for new professional skills – on the way to light, creative and joyful acting in the limited rehearsal time.

The working languages are English and Russian (the knowledge of one of the languages is sufficient).

Please contact us for full programme details and application conditions via physiktheater@gmail.com