Dear Friends,

It's been some time since you last heard from us.  We've been busy here at International Culture Lab and are at a point where we'd like to update you.
We're excited to report that we have three projects in the works.
Our most ambitious endeavor is a collaboration with Turkey.  After visiting various parts of Turkey, including Istanbul and Ankara, we have begun to learn about Turkish culture and decided we need to explore further.  We want to examine the socio-political role and status of women, both in Turkey and the US, and have commissioned two playwrights, Zeynep Kacar and Tammy Ryan or Turkey and the US respectively, to work with us.  As with "Outside Inn," we will perform the resulting play in both countries.
Another project in its early stages is a collaboration with Switzerland's GubCompany ( with whom we hope to produce Christine Rinderknecht's "Tropical Night," a riveting play that explores a family trying to make sense of a father/son's murder-suicide. As usual, we will perform the work in both languages in both countries.
And finally, since early on in the process of "Outside Inn," for which we commissioned Austrian playwright Andreas Jungwirth, we continue to be in discussion with the Austrian Cultural Forum in the hopes of collaborating on a new project.
We continue to be invigorated by the opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration that ICL is affording an ever-growing number of people. Fostering understanding and creating a dialogue in our modest way is highly gratifying work.
To that end, we would very much like to hear from you — what you're up to, what your thoughts are about our work, any news you'd like us to know about. 

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