Welcome to the ITF Website

Welcome to the India Theatre Forum Website!

As you will notice very quickly … this site is very much under construction. However we did want to put it up, so you can begin to access some information on the India Theatre Forum itself, and also stay in touch with what we are planning for this site.

Essentially – we want this site to be a hub for Indian theatre – a place where you can come and get, give, share, exchange all sorts of information, ideas, resources and more.

Examples of some things you can get:

  • a space of your own on the site
  • information on theatre activity, people and groups across India
  • a calendar of theatre activity across India
  • a fortnightly newsletter, emailed to your inbox
  • links between you and people you have worked with
  • access to offers & needs, where you can ask or browse for theatre needs you have – rehearsal space, costumes, some lighting problem you need to tackle … etc
  • theatre-related information – schemes, grants, government reports, policies and more
  • Guidelines for Best Practices in Theatre

Examples of some things you can give:

  • information on yourself and your theatre activity
  • theatre-related information you have access to
  • offers of resources you or your group may have

This is a site for you, for us … and can come alive only with your active participation. Do log in so we can keep you informed … and we look forward to having you on board as part of the ITF online community.

About Us

Since the summer of 2006, a number of theatre practitioners, scholars and theatre lovers have come together under the aegis of the India Theatre Forum (ITF) to try and create a national resource for theatre and a meeting ground for all those who wish to take on the public responsibility of laying the grounds for excellence and diversity in theatrical endeavour. The ITF is a Prithvi Theatre initiative, and is more or less a loose association of people who have come together in the larger interest of Indian theatre. There is a team at the heart of it which gets called the ‘core team’, which currently consists of Akshara K.V., Moloyashree Hashmi, Pravin K.P., Sameera Iyengar, Sanjna Kapoor and Sudhanva Deshpande.

Theatre practice and livelihood in India is unsurprisingly like the country itself – vast, diverse, and often unconnected and unaware of each other’s existence. Much theatre practice is also used to subsisting on meagre resources – which means theatre somehow manages to survive rather than thrive in this country. It also means our dreams for what we can do with theatre – artistically and socially – are invariably limited dreams. We neither strive to imagine our utmost potential nor do we see ourselves as important enough actors in this country’s social fabric. more >>>

Of course, there are exceptions – people who have thought deeply, believed in the potential of theatre, and shown it consistently in their work. People who have found innovative ways of stepping beyond the struggle of survival and created vibrant theatre communities of performers, audiences and supporters.

The question that led to the creation of the ITF was: can this happenstance become the norm? Can we overcome what we see as limitations, can we learn to identify and recognize opportunities and openings, can we think in terms of long-term growth and sustenance? Such work cannot be done in isolation, but requires the coming together of dedicated and experienced people who have an abiding interest in the field of theatre, and who represent the diverse knowledge and experience base of theatre in this country. It requires the constant exchange of ideas and information, as well as intensive and open debate and discussion.

In addition to bringing out Our Stage, The ITF is currently working on:

  • Guidelines for Best Practices in Theatre
  • a website for the theatre community in India
  • a social security scheme for artists
  • an arts management programme
  • a fortnightly e-newsletter
  • theatre survey

Supported by the Arts Management of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust