Dear Women Media Leaders, Producers, 

So much excitement around women’s peace and security issues has encouraged Media Equity Collaborative to write a short report on the spectacular labors of gendered reporters to document the efforts of women working toward peace and security around the globe.  In particular, those are the stories which are published / aired initially in outlets like yours. 

We aim this report for Peace and Security Funders, though we believe it will have significance to academics, community organizations, policy makers, peace groups and others. 


Our goal is to stimulate greater support for this critical journalism, thereby your outlet and the gendered public sphere. 

We want to tell your stories around women’s peace and security concerns. 

We urge you to take ten minutes ASAP to answer these questions, but please do it by our deadline of November 30th 

If you have any questions please send them our way.  Media Equity’s mission is to build the US based gendered media justice community and expand its resources. In June 2010 we created another broader based report, SNAPSHOT, that is available at (on the left hand column). 

Thank you so much for assisting us.  And for your work as we build a national identity for women directed media. 

Again the SURVEY :


Ariel Dougherty, National Project Director, MEC

Preeti Mangala Shekar, co-writer of this report